Hooyah… and welcome to SEAL grinder PT.

This website is dedicated to developing your body and mind to achieve your goals.  We will be posting up daily workouts and videos and links to information used by Navy SEAL’s (SEA, Air and Land), BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition School) recruits and other Special Forces groups as part of their training.

Navy SEAL training has been called the toughest Special Forces training in the world.  The pace is grueling and only a handful make it through.  In a class of about 125 students it is common to have only 20 complete the training.

So what the heck is a grinder? It is a flat concrete area surrounded by pullup bars, dip bars there serves as a workout courtyard for SEAL’s in training. It is where the inner warrior is trained and forged to have lasting life time effect and change. It is where the toughest special forces fighters are born, cultivated and raised.

PT stands for physical training.  No big mystery there.  But this site will look at the mental side of the training also.  It has been said that successfully graduating from BUD/S is 90% mental and 10% physical.  Your mental state drives your physical body through every motion that you make.  You need to be prepared mentally to take on your goals as well.

So stay tuned to this site as we begin our journey to prepare and conquer whatever goals you may have.

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