Real Life: How to train a beginner to build their inner warrior

11th-warrior-athleteThis week is going to be ballz out and kickin’ @ss for America and helping my local community.

You see – I am a little extra fired up as I just came back from the 11th Warrior event in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Hats off to my friend Eric Basek for helping to organize the event and all of the amazing military veterans and CrossFit elite athletes that kicked @ss to make it happen.

I know that this is a lesson that you can take home to your village and help guide your kids – help train your local team and make our country a better place to live.

My daughter Ollie – who is 13 years and a budding athlete – went down to Clearwater with me.

She met the adaptive athletes – many of them missing limbs or eyesight or massive burns.

They all gave the ultimate price to defend freedom and help others in need.

She was immersed in watching these athletes adapt and overcome all of the obstacles placed in front of them.

During lunch we did an old school BUDS grinder workout in the sand, a few pullups as a team – a resounding “HOOYAH” and then hit the surf.

No biggie.

But for my daughter it was a little hard getting wet and sandy.  She complained about being chafed and uncomfortable and sandy.

I said lets go jump in the outdoor shower and clean off.

cold-shower-benefitShe bristled at that idea as I washed off. It was too cold she complained.

I stepped from the shower without a towel and put my hand on her arm.

In a calm voice I said “Do you think those wounded warriors out there were uncomfortable today? Do you think they have had to adapt, improvise and overcome?”

She halfway smiled as she caught my lesson and she then jumped into the shower.

So….What is the lesson?

Get yourself and kids or teammates in situations where they are around athletes that have had to overcome obstacles.

brad-mcleod-11th-warriorStand next to leaders that have had to battle their way up the ladder and scratch and claw to get a footing.

Not only will your world view expand but you will grow mentally 1% from that exposure.

It is hard to feel sorry for yourself when others surrounding you are missing limbs and still reaching higher to improve themselves.

Expand your horizons. Get out of your little hamlet and get on the path to find new experiences to stretch your imagination.

What are you waiting on? Grow 1% daily and help others achieve their goals.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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