What is YOUR Why?

brad-mcleod-graduate-BUDSWhen I signed up for the Navy I was on track for a real roller coaster of a ride.

I wanted to be a Navy SEAL – I wanted to “BE SOMETHING SPECIAL”.

People laughed at me and snickered behind my back.  I did not care as I now had a mission.

I knew that I had inside of me a spark – a small flame.

I was ready to ignite that fire and burn down the forest.

My “WHY” was my family. I was sick and tired of being a screw up. Half ass. I wanted to live up to my families code of “Hold Fast”.

July 21st and 22nd in Austin Texas you will find your WHY and change your life forever.

Learn how to identify your why and use it to reach your goals quicker and easier.

What is YOUR Why? Do you have one? Have you asked yourself that question?

How do you cultivate that Why?

  1. Ask yourself what is your passion – what makes you feel on fire?

  2. What are your inner strengths? You may not even know your strengths. Go out and test them with tough physical events.

  3. Where are you of the most value to others? Do you have a skill that you can work with that will help others?

  4. How will you measure your life? By how much money you can stack up? Or by how many people you can help?

Ask yourself these questions.  Print out this page and write notes on it in red ink.  Get serious – as this could be the most important questions to bring out the new you.

When I went to Navy SEAL training my “why” was 10 feet tall.

The further I went along the stronger my why became.

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