SGPT swim workout #1

Special Forces swim workout #1

first do 30 minutes of Navy SEAL grinder PT

wrist stretch – 10 each way

wrist rotations – 10 each way

Arm circles 10 each way

Press, press, fling – 10

Up, back and overs – 10

Shoulder pass throughs with pole – 10

Hip swivel kicks forward – 15 each leg

hip swivel kicks side – 15 each leg

Jumping jacks 25

hip mobility drills ( SEALFit drill ) – 5

Mountain climbers – 25 – two count

Pushups – regular 20

Swimmers chest stretch – 10

alternate hand forward hand back pushups – 15

airborne heismans – 20

standing pause air squat – 30 seconds

standing hip flexor stretch – 5 each leg

dive bomber pushups – 10

Standing lunge – 20 (10 each leg)

air squat – 50

pushups – wide – 10

frog jump lateral jump (1 ft high minimum) – 10

eight count bodybuilders – 10

split jumps – 15

situps – 25

burpee with frog broad jump – 10

plie squat stretch – 10

heavy weighted situps – 25 (30 lb. weight)

flutter kicks – 50 four count

crunches – 25

reverse crunches – 20


Run to pool.

Swim 1000 meters sidestroke for beginners.

1500 intermediate swimmer.

2000 meters for advanced swimmer.

Task #2. Put on long pants and swim/dive booties (not heavy combat boots) and swim 50 meters (beginner) 75 meters (intermediate) 100 meters (advanced). Never swim alone in this drill. Make sure lifeguard on duty and buddy on side of pool with throw rope if needed.

Task #3. Perform pool drills. Throw items into deep end and retrieve by breath hold diving. Note items picked up and distance and depth.  Increase distance apart over next workouts as your skills increase.  Try to fill your mask with water and then retrieve items on bottom.

Run back to your barracks or base.

Post time and effort notes to comments.


Yoga cobra stretch – 10

Yoga frog stretch – 10

Plie squat stretch – 10 (really work to get your knees out and stretch)

Yoga downward dog – 10

Yoga frog – 10 minutes

10 minutes of deep breathing/meditation/visualization

Question: What is a good basic swim mask for swimming in the pool and practicing these workouts?

We like the U.S. Divers Admiral Island Dry Adult Silicone Mask . This is a great mask for $30 and will be able to stand all of the abuse you may give it in the pool. It will last you for quite a while and is a good value.

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