joe rogan

Some people want to test out Onnit products (click to read reviews) because they’ve heard Joe Rogan recommends them, but they’re not completely sure if it’s true. Joe is known for appearing on some hugely popular television shows, and he even has one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

At first glance you might assume a television and podcast personality wouldn’t need supplements to function, but if you knew how hard he worked on his projects it would make sense why he would use a couple of them at the very least. Once you look into Joe’s background everything becomes a lot more clear.

Joe Rogan’s Sporting Background

Although most people would love optimal brain function when they’re performing any task, you would normally associate supplements with someone who has a background in sports. Those who don’t know Joe Rogan’s full background story might be unaware of this but he actually has a black belt in kickboxing and Jui Jitsu, plus he has worked as a color commentator for the UFC. Even if you think of him as a comedian, you have to appreciate he’ll have a huge amount of knowledge on different supplements and how they can improve his life.

A Lifetime Supply Of Supplements

alphaJoe was looking for someone to help moderate his forum a few years ago, but he wasn’t going to offer the winning candidate any money. Instead, the person who would eventually work with Joe would receive a lifetime supply on products from Onnit. They would even be given newly released products to test out before they hit the market. This strongly suggests he has a great working relationship with the company, otherwise he would have paid his new employee instead of offering them free supplements he didn’t even use.

Attaching His Name To Products

It’s easy for anyone to say they’ve used a product if you pay them enough money, but Joe Rogan has a massive personal brand built around his name and he wouldn’t sacrifice future success for some extra cash. You’ll find him talking about the products all the time, but on the company’s website he talks about 2 supplements in particular:

  • Alpha Brain – Joe thinks Alpha Brain kicks his brain up a few notches, and it also has the ability to help him form better sentences. Even if you take his sporting background out of the equation, this product would be very beneficial for an actor, comedian, and commentator.
  • Hemp Force Active – It’s fair to say someone with black belts cares about their health, so you can believe he takes hemp protein because it’s one of the healthiest kinds out there. Joe also knows how delicious it tastes, and once you find a protein powder you like it’s hard to swap it for anything else.

Does Joe Rogan Use Their Supplements?

Joe is part of the Pro Team, and if you’re looking for supplements you’ll find him all over the website. They’ve had a great working relationship for years, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he isn’t lying. Hopefully this has cleared the debate up once and for all, because Onnit products are superb and everyone should try them at least once.