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solar lightThis LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light review would have been unbelievable only a few years ago. It truly is one of the coolest inventions everyone must own if they spend any time outdoors, or even if they just need to keep it hidden away in a cupboard for emergencies. You must be asking yourself what is so magical about a light, so let’s look at what LuminAid have packed into their popular creation.

Take It In The Water With You

We need to speak about this feature straight away, because how many other light sources do you know that float in the water? It’s also waterproof up to 1 meter deep, so there is no way you’ll be able to break it accidentally. You probably won’t have much use for it in the middle of the ocean, but imagine being able to lie with it beside you while you’re relaxing in the lake talking to your friends. It will also be the main attraction at any pool parties.

It Lasts For A Very Long Time

product shot 2Due to the fact it’s powered by the sun, the LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light review wouldn’t be complete without talking about how long it actually lasts. Surprisingly, on the lowest setting it can last as long as 16 hours before going out. Even on the highest setting, which you would use if you were reading, it would still last for around 10 hours. In other words, it’s going to last you the entire night.

Not to mention, for the amount of time it provides light for, you’re going to find that its the most cost effective solution around. Combine this with a luminAID coupon (click here), and its unbeatable.

Charging the LuminAID Up Doesn’t Take Long

Solar panels have came a long way since they hit the mass market, and the one built into your inflatable light will charge up the internal battery over the course of 7 hours in sunlight. Considering you won’t even need to use it during the day, it’s got more than enough time to recharge before the darkness hits. It’s still a good idea to leave it out as early as possible, but it won’t matter if you forget.

Being Inflatable Means Two Things

final product Once you’ve inflated it up it’s a very respectable size, so I think you’ll be surprised by how it looks when operational. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when it’s time to deflate it you’re left with a tiny gadget weighing less than 3 ounces. It allows you to carry it around without struggling, and it can squeeze into the corner of a backpack leaving more space for everything else.

Built From A Semi-Transparent Material

We’ve already covered the material a little when talking about its ability to be used in water, but if you’re interested in beauty you’ll like the semi-transparent material it’s made from. It essentially takes an LED bulb and creates a lantern-like effect from it. If you’ve seen lanterns before you’ll know they’re much nicer to look at than bright LED lights, and the material won’t affect visibility.

The Sun Will Always Disappear

The sun is only going to be out for a certain number of hours per day, and when you’re outside at night you’ll need to see. It’s even more useful in emergencies when you will be able to whip it out in seconds. As you’ve seen from all the wonderful things we’ve spoken about today, it really is a little special and worth owning. I only hope the LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light review has done it justice, because once it’s in your hands you’ll love it.