Supplement Bunker

Buried deep in the earth on the back Forty acres is the Supplement Bunker.

Back behind the cases of MRE’s, stockpiles of AR-15’s and ammo boxes — are the cases of preferred supplements.

Get the edge you need to perform long endurance workouts and keep your joints and body healthy.

We don’t recommend very many supplements as we believe you should eat a balanced meal first with plenty of veggies. ┬áBut that is hard to do sometimes so we have a few supplements to boost our recovery and performance

Top 5 Fish Oil
Optimum Fish oil review
“Dr. Tobias fish oil pills are amazing! They don’t stick together like most versions of Omega’s and they go down easier. Being paleo, I have been eating an anti-inflammatory diet for a couple of years now. The Omega 3 Fish Oil are great! Omega 3’s are essential to balance the body and reduce inflammation but it’s difficult to get a good dosage of them without taking a supplement. These are the best quality Omega3 fish oil pills I have tried and highly recommend this brand.”

Top 5 PreWorkout
Intensity Nutrition FUEL review by Brad: I have been using Intensity Nutrition Fuel for years now and swear by it.

If you want to have that extra drive to kick butt on a workout then this is the stuff. Put your workouts into warp speed mode and crush them with a passion with FUEL.

Top 5 Multi Vitamins
Centrum Multi Vitamin review by Brad:
I take these vitamins almost every day.

They are easy to eat and chew and almost like a starburst. It makes taking a vitamin even easier.

I use the Centrum Flavor Burst Multi-Vitamin as part of my recovery and all around health.

Top 5 Recovery Drink
Atomic Strength Nutrition Fallout review by Brad:
I have been using this recovery supplement for the past month and can really feel the difference.

When I first took the Fallout Recovery Drink I mixed it with a glass of water and it mixes really well. I now drink it after every hard workout and it makes a big difference being an older athlete.


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