Question: Which gear do the Frogmen use between Casio vs Suunto?

Answer Team Guys often use Casio watches and <a href=”” rel=”>Suunto Altimeters

Question: Do frogmen use altimeters? Which altimeters do they use?

Answer: SEALs use the Suunto altimeters.

Question: What kind of SpecOps gear was used in the movie “Zero Dark Thirty”?

Answer: Check out the list above for some of the SEAL equipment used in the raid on Bin-Laden.

Question: Where can I get a Suunto Core?

Answer: Check out this link for Suunto Core

Question: Why do Team Guys carry carabiners on their tactical vest?

Answer: You can always use a carabiner for assorted things from carrying gear to getting hauled out by a chopper. Carabiners are light, don’t take up much space and easy to use in the dark when you’re wet and cold. If the carabiner is shiny, just dust it with some flat black spray paint to avoid catching unwanted light on it.

Question: What were the running shoes that the guys in DEVGRU wore on the Bin-Laden raid?

I think you mean the Vasque Juxt Multisport Shoe. They wore these light weight shoes instead of heavier boots.

Question: What type of flashlight does a Frogman use?

Answer: We used the issued lights for some missions but always something with a red lens so you could read maps at night without messing up your night vision.

Question: What do you think of the Aimpoint vs ACOG or EOTech?

Answer: It is personal preference as some guys use the ACOG and some love the Aimpoint.

Question: Do you have a list of all list of all military issued knives that the team guys have used?

Answer: Ha; I am not sure on that one. I would have to go back and do some research for that as that could be hundreds of different kinds of gear.

Question: What is the rebreather that you see some operators using like this one?

Answer: The photo shows a MK25 rebreather unit. The team guys also use a Draeger rebreather that is made in Germany has been used for decades in underwater combat swimmer missions.


Question: Why do you use a carabiner for on your tactical vest?

Answer: You can use it to attach gear, build a climbing harness or clip to your web belt if you are in need of extraction.

Question: How much does it cost to outfit a team guy operator?

Answer: It cost about $500k to initially train a candidate to prepare them for a team. Each mission is different but a gear kit can be thousands of dollars from head to toe not counting weapon.

Weapons can also cost thousand more with an M4, top shelf pistol and knife.