We get asked about every week many questions on supplement use and what we recommend.
Question: Can you use supplements like pre-workout, whey protein and creatine at BUD/S Navy SEAL training?
Answer: No! You will get kicked out of training ASAP.
You will be sent to the Fleet Navy (a rust bucket ship) where you will he chipping paint and swabbing the deck.
You have to wait until you get on the SEAL Teams to use them. You can drink a lot of coffee in the chow hall during BUDs hell week to stay awake.
Question: Do you use any type green veggie drink?
Answer: Yes I personally use and recommend Athletics Greens.
Check out the review of Athletic Greens here:
Question: What is the deal with MCT oil and do you recommend it?
Answer: MCT oil is the best part of the coconut that comes in powder or oil? I use it in my coffee every morning as a slow burning fuel.
I use BUBS natural MCT powder.
BUBS Natural collagen protein
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Article “Sports Supplements for Special Forces Training”

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