cffChristians Fitness Factory provides equipment for all training needs. The company has a long-standing reputation of providing the top residential and commercial gym equipment at discount prices. In addition to Strongman, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, Cross Fit, and home gym equipment, CFF offers a number of discounts to facilities and organizations such as firefighters, military, schools, hotels, and commercial gyms.

The Top Fitness Equipment to Power Your Training Needs

If you’re serious about getting into shape, trying a new activity or sport, or simply incorporating exercise as a fun activity in your life, CFF has the right equipment for you. Training is part of the company philosophy. For each person, training needs will be different; there is no wrong or right answer to why you should train. It’s a personal question, and some will want better, bigger, faster training, which might be heading toward a special event or milestone. You might also just want to keep your training fun, a way of staying clear-headed and sharp.

History and Origins of CFF

Established in 2005, CFF has its headquarters in Lancaster, PA. As a top supplier of residential and gym equipment for cross training, fitness, and Olympic lifting, CFF has provided the best equipment available since 2005. In 2013, the company established a new warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, allowing for quicker delivery times and lower shipping costs for customers specifically located in the western U.S.

In Phoenix, customers are invited to pick orders up to reduce or eliminate shipping costs entirely.

Products and Services

benchIf you’re looking for cross training equipment, Christians Fitness Factory offers a number of selections at extremely competitive prices with frequently released coupons ( You can browse the company’s catalog to find a huge selection of kettle bells, Olympic rings, squat racks, lifting platforms, rowers, bars, and other equipment packages. The company provides powerlifting equipment, sports equipment, cardio, boxing, aerobics, weight supplements, clothing, and other accessories to meet your exercise needs.

Additionally, CFF offers used commercial equipment at discounted rates. Some examples are indoor bikes, step mills, treadmills, ellipticals, and other machines that target specific body parts to get the most gain from each workout. The company provides reconditioned, used, and refurbished equipment, as well. On CFF’s website, you can find the age, condition, and details of used equipment by simply click on each piece.

Bestselling Fitness Equipment

Some of the company’s bestsellers include kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up rings, bumper plates, medicine balls, strength bands, and bars. Using the site to shop, you can search by price. This makes narrowing down your search criteria much easier. The company provides free shipping, with many products being designed in house by CFF.

Affordable Fitness Products to Meet Your Training Needs

Maybe your goal is to ride a Century, run a marathon, or try out for a pro or semi-pro sports team. Maybe you want to do your first triathlon or become an Ironman. Whatever your goals, it’s critical to have the best equipment. Christians Fitness Factory provides quality products at competitive rates. You can browse the company website to learn about each product, select by category to find your equipment, and then place an order online to ensure fast delivery and reliable service.

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