EOTech Scope Reviews

eotech scope reviews If you look around the web it is hard as hell to find anyone with bad stuff to say about EOTech.

You most always see good reviews as EOTech gear is top notch.

EOTech designs and produces weapon accessories for defense, law enforcement, homeland security, hunting, and recreational shooting.

Either way these scopes get a lot of good reviews and will work great for the range or on active duty.

EOTech 553.A65 Dual A.R.M.S. quick-release Holographic Sight review by Shooter:
I purchased the EOTech 553.A65 for my AR-15. I ordered the standard shipping and it arrived very quickly.

The sight itself had every feature I was looking for: night-vision compatible, submersible to 66 ft, quick-release levers, built in risers, and great field-of-view (not to mention it is by far the best looking sight EOTech offers).

I was surprised to find that it came with its own case, which is very similar to the heavy duty Pelican cases – if it isn’t already made by Pelican.

Overall, this sight is flawless and works like a champ. I would highly recommend this product.

EOTech 517.A65 Holographic Sight review by Jonster: If you want a reflex sight, EOTechs should be on your short list of ones to get. They are absolutely top notch equipment. They real “combat sights”.

I don’t just mean they could be used in combat, I mean they are. NATO militaries use them, police forces use them, these things are used when lives are on the line and when reliability is important. They are rugged, waterproof, extremely well built and exceedingly accurate.

EOTech 553.A65TAN Military HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight review by Bill:

Holographic sight works perfectly with easy adjustments and usage. I bought the 3x magnifier to supplement the sight.

I put the eotech on an fn scar and zero is retained with every removal and installation.

The case the scope comes in is very sturdy and the a.r.m.s. levers are a great addition.

Question: What about EOTech vs Aimpoint? Check out the video below

Question: What is a good red laser to add to my weapon?

We like the LBC Laser which you can pick up for about $260 and it gets great reviews on Amazon.com.

It works great and gets points for tacti-cool factor.

Eotech HHS l (EXPS3-4 with G33 3x Magnifier) review by JT: High quality optics. Easy to mount and remount. the 3-4 is fine but I don’t really see the value in the 4 dots.. they are so small that they look more like a post when sighting with both eyes open.

I would have prefered the 2 dot or single dot but the HHS1 price was good enough to overlook the drawback. Magnifier is clear and has solid operation and zero slop in either swung out or normal position. I highly recommend this brand and setup.

Question: What about Trijicon vs EOTech? Check out this side by side comparison of the two scopes.

Eotech Holographic Weapon Sight 516A651

I looked and looked before buying this EO Tech. I went back and forth on EoTech’s, Aimpoint’s, and Trijicon’s (as well as Vortex red dot, and the Tactical Prismatic by Leupold). I did tons of research.

Aimpoint is also awesome, but tends to be more $ and I couldn’t find one that supported rechargeable batteries. It’s true that Aimpoints proprietary wiring means you get hours and hours of battery life more than the EoTech, but for me, relying on being able to recharge batteries even out in the field via solar powered rechargers, was more important than a long lasting battery life that may die at some point in the field.

EOTech EXPS3-2 Holo Weapon Sight review

Could not believe how easy it is to zero it (1 bullet at 50 yards) and how it is accurate.

I use it with the G33 magnifier. Awesome duo that provide you flexibility to switch from very close range to 4 football fields.

Has deadly accuracy within a second and as simple than flip the scope aside with your thumb without never ever loosing sight of the target.

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical HOLOgraphic Weapon Sight review  Since writing my initial review – I have taken this sight to the range 6+ times. I can actually shoot groups @ 50 yards (150 feet) where the holes in the paper are actually touching each other. I am not talking about just doing this once and a while – I am talking about actually shooting out the bulls-eye on my target. I swear to God, it feels like my rounds are guided to the target by a magnet! I haven’t had to adjust my sight since I sighted it in the first time – I just instinctively shoot high (aim a tad higher than the target) when shooting at targets beyond 100 yards or more. I am very satisfied with this purchase: the HWS really is the gold standard when it comes to red dot sights.

Questions from our readers online:

Question: Which scope do you prefer between the EOTech vs Burris scopes? or vs Aimpoint M4? I personally have the Burris scope for my AR-15 but would love to have a EOTECH.

Question: Do you have any eotech 516 reviews? Yes; check out the reviews above.

Question: Do you have any Holographic Hybrid Sight I (HHS-I) reviews? Yes; check out the video below.

Question: I have a set of flip up sights as a back up j- do you know if this will work with them?

Answer: I just picked up this HHS system and yes; there is not an issue with using flip up sights.

Where can I find out more about supporting rights for rifle owners? Check out the NRA

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