Garmont T8 Extreme vs Rocky S2v boots

Check out the comparisons, reviews and videos for the Garmont T8 Extreme vs Rocky S2v boots and you decide which one is best for your feet.

Garmont T8 Extreme review by Cameron:
I am really liking this boot for the field and mountains as it fits like a glove.

I like these more than my Nike SFB and Danner TFX as these are more comfortable.

These were instantly more comfortable then both.

The Garmont T8 EXTREME Tactical Boot offer a lot of sturdiness like the AR 670-1 compliant SFB and have all the cushion that of the Danners.

Check out this video on the Garmont T8 Extreme

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Rocky S2V review by JimT:
Been using several types of boots during my time in the U.S. Army including the Danners and Nike SFB. My teammate had a pair of these and I wanted to try them out and see how they would do.

So far these Rocky S2V Boots have been my go-to for long ruck marches and just for hanging around base. I have used them from Germany to Afghanistan and even at the Camp McKall special forces selection assesment training. They have held up every time and not let me down.

I have been using these for over a year of really hard use and hundreds of miles of ruck marching with 50 lbs.

I liked these so much that i ordered a second pair even though the first pair only has minor wear.  I just want to make sure they don’t change the design so i grabbed an extra pair just in case. They came in the mail pretty quickly from Amazon so the shipping is good to go from them.

Check out this video on the Rocky S2V boots

Question: Do you have any reviews for the Garmont T8 vs Belleville 390? We are working on a review for these now.

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