Top 5 German Tactical Boots Review

We have had a number of readers email in asking for German tactical boots reviews to help with their Special Forces training. Check out these reviews and comparisons and you make the decision of what is best for your feet.

Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 Tactical Boot Review
I’m a police officer, ex-police advisor in Afghanistan and former airborne infantryman.

I have worn numerous brands of boots throughout my career including Danner, Matterhorn, ECCO, Magnum, Bates, Thorogood, Blackhawk and Oakley.

The Adidas GSG-9.2 Tactical boot is the best boot I’ve ever worn. It feels like wearing a glove made for your feet.

It’s lightweight, with good ankle support and water proof. The fit is tight but comfortable and true to size. The traction is phenomenal. It’s worth the money you spend. I will never buy another boot except the GSG 9.2, it’s that good.

HAIX Airpower XR1 Boot Review

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of boots that I have been through in the past year: 5.11, Bates, Keen (making hiking boots EMS boots because of comfort and support).

Without good shoes, my back suffers tremendously from a prior injury. I take my feet so seriously and will spare no expense on good shoes. Its a necessity for me. The thing is, boots that might feel ok in the first hour on my feet are always killing my back by the 2nd and 3rd hour — etc. Finding a boot that is solid, quality, supportive and worth the money is not an easy thing. It’s been my quest! The search is over!

I’ve been wearing the Haix Airpower XR1 boots for a solid week now and there was no required break-in period at all. The only thing I am experiencing now is a little squeak in the left boot on the upper where the foot bends at the toe. I read that this can be remedied with talc powder … so I am exploring this option. I have a note into Haix and expect some response soon.

These are great boots for my feet (and probably yours too). I was able to order my typical Men’s Sz. 9 in a medium and the fit is absolutely perfect. Loving the front zips and how easy these are to get in and out of. When I began to take notice around my rescue squad and looked at the EMT’s and Paramedics boots … I discovered that most of them were wearing these Haix (sounds like ‘hikes’) Airpower R1. I thought of them as “funky boots with a zipper on the front and a funny toe box”.

When I asked about them and began doing my research, I realized that this was a boot company with German engineered products that focused on the Fire, Police and Rescue industry initially (and now has stretched out into hunting, etc). When you see their product and view the fire boots with all of the specs and certifications that come along with them, it’s pretty impressive. These Airpower R1 boots are considered EMS boots or Fire Station boots. They have certifications too and actually come with a MANUAL. Yes, boots that come with a manual 🙂

They have a steel toe, a fantastic arch and a complex lacing system that comes with directions. They come laced and just require a bit of adjustment which is explained. The squeak is an issue I will work on fixing and is only present in one boot. It’s like the sound of new, stiffer leather.

Rest assured, a solid boot, made with the utmost care and quality standards. Worth every penny and then some.

Adidas Men’s GSG-9.7 Boot review

Received my adidas tac boots and have been wearing them for a week. Very thin and super light weight boot, which I really like. Fits like a true running shoe. To elaborate it’s not like a tennis shoe or cross trainer. Very snug and narrow fit, but comfortable. If you roll your ankle easily then these aren’t the boots for you. That being said I’m a 10 1/2 in other boots and that’s what I have in my adidas tac boots.

The fit is perfect. If you are the type to wear thick socks I would go a half size larger. Aggressive tread which I really like as I work a predominantly rural area and spend a lot of time on natural surfaces (grass, gravel, dirt). Equally good on paved surfaces and indoors. Really like the traction/grip. They haven’t been tested in a foot pursuit yet but I’m confident they will be perfect.

Think these will be great as a summer boot in Canada. Wouldn’t dream of wearing these in the winter. There is just no insulation. If you carry a boot knife you won’t be able to do that with these. One thing I don’t like about them is there are no eyelets, just holes for the laces. I find it very difficult to loosen my laces and therefore find it difficult to put them on and take them off.

Would like to have seen a quick lace setup on the upper two positions. It looks like they are designed to be worn in the running shoe style with the top open which would defeat the purpose of a tac boot. I like that they can take polish as that’s a stipulation with my department. I can’t see them lasting more than a year or two but for the price I would say there is no question. Definitely worth it. I would highly recommend these boots. If anyone has any questions drop me a line.

Lowa Men’s Zephyr GTX Mid Hiking Boot

I feel good, a little hot .Because my feet are a little wide, so the shoe feels a bit thin. I do not think it is the ideal for hot climate conditions.

I have personally worn the Lowa Zephyr GTX (check out my review) boot for several years now.

Questions from our readers.

Question: What are you hearing about the Adididas GSG 9.3 review? Are there other boots similar to this? This boot is getting good reviews except for the sand coloring. A light dusting with brown spray paint will fix that.

Question: Is the most comfortable tactical boot danger vs oakley Haix? You would need to try on both pairs and see which ones fits your foot best. Some athletes have a wide foot vs some with a skinnier foot.

Question: Where can I find good haix tactical boots reviews? Check out Haix tactical boot reviews here.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the Adidas GSG9 vs Bates 922? Yes; check out reviews of the Adidas above and Bates 922 Here.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the Haix R1? Yes; check out the above reviews for the Haix R1 and more reviews here: Haix – Airpower R1

Question: Where can I buy cheap adidas gsg desert boots? The cheapest Adidas Gsg-9 Boot are found at at $84.

Question: Do you have any reviews for danner boots vs haix boots? Or Adidas GSG 9.2 vs matterhorn? Yes, check out the boot reviews above.

Question: How about lowa vs haix? I would try both boots on and see which one fits your foot better and then make a decision from there.

Question: Where can I find out more info on the GSG-9 special unit? Check out more info here:

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