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Last week we posted up our article on the Navy SEAL BUDS Obstacle course.

Many of you are training for the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and other mud obstacle style races. We love those races and encourage our members to go for it.

We got the question “Coach, how do you train for an obstacle course if you don’t have one?”.

Well, actually you do have one – your local playground. Check out the video below.

Train Like a Beast with Tips and Info from Zach Even-Esh

I personally did one of these playground workouts with Zach when I was in New Jersey.

No matter how good a shape you are in you can learn something new and feel the burn on a simple workout like this.

Playground Assault Workout #1
Monkey bar crossing with 5 pull ups
sprint 400 meters to next station
Hand walk on dip bars to end with 5 dips
Sprint 400 meters to next station

A very simple workout but very effective to help you get ready for an obstacle course race.

The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning, Zach Even-Esh
How to get stronger and tougher- In the gym and in life – Using the training secrets of the Athletic Elite

Zach shows how on a slightly different playground you can mix it up and add in some abdominal workout.

Playground Assault Workout #2
Bar walk across then bar hop
Leg raises on bar (ab workout)
Pushups on the bar
Traverse on pull up bar
Monkey bar back across
Pull ups inside of monkey bar
Wide grip pull ups.

You can throw in a sprint between the two bar sessions.

About Zach Even-Esh:


Zach is the founder of the Underground Strength Gym in New Jersey and one of the top strength coaches in the world.

Zach trains old school style with out the fancy machines and distractions of TV’s and cell phones.

He lifts heavy stuff and carries awkward things (like rocks and sand bags) to build overall functional fitness.

That is how you really get strong without all the gimmicks and fluff.

You can find more info about Zach at his blog or on YouTube.

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