Tips for Healthy Fat Loss

healthy fat loss tipsAre you struggling to lose a few pounds and to live a healthier life?

The world is full of diet books telling you tons of ways to lose weight.

Many of them are fad diets that may help you drop weight in an unhealthy manner only to have you put it back on as soon as the diet stops.

I was helped by SEALFIT Kokoro graduate Lucky Nghi who is now helping to coach with the SGPT Fat Loss Coaching program

I started this plan recently and have been working on daily to lose fat and increase my energy to live a more productive life.

174.8 lbs on May 8th, 2016. Age 53 years old. Workout 5 times a week.

brad mcleod fat loss tips day 1Day 1 FAT LOSS
Current diet consist of excess grains, processed foods (cereal with lots of sugar), pizza 3 times a week. I also eat salads and lean meats several times a week.

I took photos and weighed myself and started a food log.

1. Instead of eating cereal with milk in the morning – I have been fasting and eat a mid morning meal of a large glass of green drink supplement.

  1. Instead of eating pizza 3 times a week (sometimes I can eat a whole pizza by myself) – I had no pizza for last 30 days. Instead I would eat a large portion of lean meat and veggies.
  2. Instead of drinking several beers after a long mountain bike ride – I severely limited alcohol (beer) to 2 beers max at most. Now I drink a green tea or monster drink (I know… not the best choice). I have since stopped drinking Monster drinks.

brad mcleod fat loss day 28

Weight 165 lbs (loss of 9 lbs of fat)

  1. Substantial reduction in daily sugar intake. Instead of adding 2 sugars to coffee, I add honey and coconut oil and occassionally some real butter. This gives me good fats to use as energy to use throughout the day.
  2. No bagels with cream cheese, no apple fritters at Dunkin Donuts or cheesecake at the local diner. I was using carbs and excess sugar as a fuel to get me through the day. I have been doing this all of my life.
  3. Instead of lo mein noodles – I ask for extra veggies. No noodles in any meal. If I have rice is it one portion.
  4. If I feel hungry I drink a green supplement to get extra nutrients.
  5. Added an extra 2 days of bodyweight and weighted workouts into the mix. Increased dead hang pull ups on 3 inch bar from 9 reps to 10 reps.
  6. Mountain bike and hiked 179 miles in last 4 weeks.
  7. I kept a daily food log and messaged my Coach, Lucky Nghi to be accountable.

Day 60 Results

brad mcleod fat loss 8-2-16

Weight 160 lbs (14 lbs of fat loss) on August 2, 2016.

I have gone as low as 154 lbs during my long bike ride in north Georgia in mid July.

Had a few cheat days with pizza but trying to lower overall carbs to a very low rate.

I did reach my goal of 155 lbs but my weight can fluctuate 4 to 5 lbs a day with water weight.

Used coconut and MCT oil in my coffee daily

I did meet my goal of biking over 200 miles and hiking over 20 miles.

I need to work on my weight lifting goals.

GOALS for next 30 Days (August 6 to Sept 6th)
1.Lose 6 more pounds of fat to weigh in at 154 lbs and level out at that weight.

  1. Dead lift 350 lbs, Shoulder press 135 lbs, Squat 300 lbs, Bench press 200 lbs.
  2. Bike over 200 miles in a month
  3. Hike over 20 miles in a month

Question: Have you ever looked at the 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss and the diet he has for weight loss?

Answer: I have read briefly about the nutrition plan ideas but have not used them.

Question: I’ve been getting your emails on nutrition, exercising etc. I noticed you said that eliminating sugar is beneficial. What is your take on fruit? I personally enjoy having a smoothy (1 cup blueberries, half a banana, greens powder, 1/2 cup 100% apple juice and a handful of kale, 1 scoop protein powder) for breakfast and usually snack on a piece of fruit or two with a serving of nuts throughout the Day between my main meals. Will this hinder weight loss?

Answer: If your quite active you should get back into ketosis really quick. If your already keto adapted carbs dont effect you as much, your body will hold it for hard workouts. Your body stores glycogen (sugar) in your liver and muscles and when keto adapted it uses primarily fat it willmhold the carb until you workout. Short answer it your fine, its a major concern if you a sugar burner as sugar will disrupt your hormones and hunger cycle. Will it hinder weight loss, again if your keto it may help increase excercise performance so no if your not active yes, if your a sugar burner than definitely. from Lucky Nghi

Question: I have a goal of losing weight. My current goal is to get down to 190, my current weight is 230. The hardest thing for me right now is eating late at night and not staying discipline. I would like to reach this goal before I take the asvab for the navy.i would love to hear your feed back.

Answer: Its ok to eat at night just keep it as protein. This will actually benefit the recovery that the body goes through during sleep. Its the carbs that halt the fat burning. If using fasting as the primary means of detox as calorie reduction try reducing the fasting duration and expand it as you become adapted. Calorie reduction ishard but the body will adapt. Is night time eating is a challeng for fasting fast during the day use coffee as an appetite suppressent and dont worry about eating at night from Lucky Nghi

1. The 80/20 rule as far as cheat meals
2. Your use of milk?
3. Breakfast overall
4. Lunch choices

For me I keep it all real simple.
1. You can cheat meal – but you are then off the diet.
2. When I am on diet I don’t drink milk. When I am off I do.
3. Usually no breakfast.
4. I either eat a salad with nuts and chicken or I will drink a green supplement

Question: Brad,
I am 5’7”
168 lbs
19% fat
I teach high school
Husband and father of 6 (soon 7)
I have 45 min a day to workout
I have a bike, a pool, a track and a weight room at my disposal
What’s the best use of my time to get down to 12-15% fat?
Exercises advice?
One line of advice regarding my diet?
Thanks for your service.
Thanks for your inspiration.
God Bless

Answer: Good to hear from you Cedric. The first thing I would do is cut all sugar (ice cream, milk, soda, sweet tea, etc.) from your diet cold turkey. I would also cut out any processed carbs (pasta noodles, bread, pizza). I would walk or exercise (basketball, flag football, soccer, tennis) daily. That is the short story and will get you the most bang for your buck.

Question: Coach,
What type or brand of supplements do you use or recommend to help improve workouts and focus and energy. Also do you recommend taking a fat burner or something to help shred the fat or no?
Thank you for your time and support.
David Proehl


Question: Are you interested in being coached up to the next level?

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Eat to burn fat
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