Question of the Week: “I gained 10 lbs over the holidays what can I do to get back?”

Coach Brad;

I kind of dropped off the training a little over the holidays. I was reading your emails and reading for 5 minutes every night. But I stopped going to the gym for workout with my buddies. I ate a little bit too much at Thanksgiving and didn’t slow down during the holiday. Worse than that I feel bloated and tired and don’t want to workout now.

What can I do to burn it off and keep it off in the new Year? from Frank Th.

Good Question Frank.

I can relate as I like to eat a lot too. But I try to burn it off rucking and on the bike and doing bodyweight workouts.

Check out these healthy fat loss tips to help you burn off the fat and keep it off.

TIP #1
Go on a ruck hike today. Grab a backpack and put some water jugs and gear in it and go hike. Pick a course around your local park and walk for at least 30 minutes but try to shoot for 45 minutes or an hour if you can.

You can ruck with your girlfriend or family while they walk – so you don’t have to worry about going too fast.

Rucking burns as many calories as running and has less impact. You can ruck when it is cold with snow and iceĀ out. Sign up for a GORUCK event in January or February to get you motivated to train for an objective. Now go – get out there.

TIP #2
No Carbs
The rest of this week till New Years have no processed carbs. That means no pizza, cinna-bon rolls, twinkles, cereal, Cheerios, no bagels or donuts.

Processed carbs make you fat and if you want to lose fat then you have to stop eating junk.

Instead of processed crap eat some beef jerky or vegetables or some trail mix. Add coconut oil/MCT oil to your coffee for a long burning fuel.

Cut out the excess processed carbs and you will begin to lose weight in 48 hours.

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Healthy Fat Loss tips

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