PowerLung Trainer Review

Check out the reviews for the PowerLung Trainer and you decide if this device is good for your training. You can use the PowerLung Trainer for all aspects of breathing, breath control, and breathing technique. The PowerLung promotes a focus on form for every aspect of your breathing training because of its adjustability.

PowerLung Trainer Review
I was on the fence between the Trainer and Sport. Opted for the trainer after talking to the Powerlung people. Even if you are in great shape its better IMHO to ramp up rather than blowing a gasket straining.

Video – PowerLung Trainer Review

Think about when you do a lift. Even if you are doing a max lift with a squat or deadlift you warm up. For me the Powerlung Trainer is the warmup / ramp up phase. I can get the Sport later.

Been using for a couple of weeks now fairly regularly. Last week was traveling without much opportunity to workout. Yesterday grappled at my gym and did not feel like I lost much of a step.

Pros: Good design. Ability to increase or decrease difficulty for training or warmup. Excellent instructional DVD

Con: Prefer a different color. Also the picture is not accurate, it is green with a black body. Looks better than depicted. I think that’s another reason why I looked at the trainer so much because preferred the color. I’m going to list this as a con but I don’t like the proprietary wash. However on the other hand I can understand that if you tested a bunch of washes you might patent your own. Would prefer more of a this is the ideal but if run out can use something else.

Overall I would recommend. A few deep breaths are a great way to start and end any day.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Does the power lung really work and do you have some athletes that give it a good review? Yes; we have several athletes that have used it and give good reviews.

Question: I am reading about the power lung reviews – but where can I read any stats on how much it will increase your performance. Check out this link.

Question: Does the power lung really work or is it a scam? I don’t think so as we know of several athletes that have benefitted from the power lung.

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