Rothco vs Mechanix gloves review

Check out the reviews for Rothco vs Mechanix gloves and you make the best decision which are best for your hands.

The main reason for a tactical gloves is to keep your hands safe from abuse in the field. You dont want to cut your finger when it could have been prevented with a good glove.


Even though these look like constrution gloves they work really well in a tactical setting. These gloves are Afghanistan Tested! Wore these for about 6 months on the last half of my tour in Afghanistan. I am an Infantry squad leader and was CONSTANTLY on dissmounted patrols and involved in many many firefights, these gloves withstood everything the Talib had to throw at me, and I beat the hell out of them. They are light, breath well, and far surpass ANYTHING the US Gov has issued me over the past 9 years and 3 deployments.

If the Mechanix Wear Glove tore from wear and tear, which they haven’t really yet (maybe some nicks here and there from c-wire) I’d order a set instantly again. Love these things, they’re thin enough where you can manipulate small screws, or weapons optics, PEQ 15’s etc without feeling lke you need to cut the fingers! When I do wear this pair out I will definitely get another set.

These are awesome gloves. We started using Mechanix Wear gloves in Iraq, because the issue nomex gloves couldn’t stand up to the use & abuse we put them through (we were convoy escort, so we were always working on our vehicles & 50 cals).

At that time, Mechanix Wear geared their gloves to the civilian market, so we had to buy the black gloves, and use sharpie marker to color in the white logos. Or one of my buddies just tagged it with some green spray paint that we had in the shop.

Rothco 3463 Kevlar Tactical Glove
I got these gloves in May of 2011. I use these gloves when I am doing private securtiy and I can tell you they stand up to rough conditions. I can state as fact these gloves are great for protecting your knuckles.

I was forced to find out just how good the Rothco 3463 Kevlar Hard Knuckle Tactical gloves was when I had a suspect try to fight me, One hit and he did not want to fight any more and my knuckles were not hurt. These gloves fit tight, so make sure you buy a size up from what you normally would, if you buy large gloves buy XL, and if you get medium go with a Large.

Questions from SGPT athletes:

Question: Can you wash Mechanix gloves?

Answer: Yes; you can wash these heavy duty gloves in a washing machine or by hand.

Question: Do Special Forces wear the Mechanix gloves? Yes; many of them do wear them.

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