WOSS Trainer vs Jungle Gym Reviews

Check out the side by side comparison video and reviews for the WOSS trainer vs Jungle Gym and you decide which one you will use in your home or garage gym.

WOSS trainer review
Overbuilt goodness. Just about everything about this product is well built. I can see it lasting a long, long time. I am about 180 lbs and I wouldn’t be worried about the straps breaking no matter what I throw at them.

When deciding which system to buy, I was deciding between the WOSS AttacK Trainer and the 3000 Equalizer Trainer. As far as I can tell, the main differences are the Attack Trainer uses wider/thicker main and anchor straps and rubber handles (rather than foam wrapped handles).

In all honesty, I would have been perfectly happy with the Equalizer but wanted the rubber handles. I think the majority of people would be satisfied with the Equalizer.

The only negative I would give is that the carabiner which connects the main straps to the anchor strap could be a little bit larger. It’s prefectly adequate in terms of strength but not so easy to hook into the anchor strap because of how wide/stiff the strap is. Overall, high quality, overbuilt, made in the USA awsomeness.

So, I’ve owned the TRX force kit for about five years, XFit Rings for about three years, and the for about a month now, and I have to say the Jungle Gym XT is the Best Over-all product, in almost all categories.

Here’s the preferential order I would put the three products:
First place: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT
Second Place: XFit Rings
Third Place: TRX
And I’m rating them REGARDLESS OF PRICE!!!!
I’m not trying to pick on any specific product. I’m giving my best over-all objective opinion based on using all three at a local gym and CrossFit. To be fair to all manufacturers, I still use ALL three of the products. My intention with this review is to educate consumers so you can make an objective decision.
I’ll just limit my review to the cons because I don’t want to continue the redundancy of talking about what these products can do.

First: Hygiene! the TRX falls short especially if you are sharing the product with others. The Jungle Gym handles and foot cradles are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, which is a sturdy plastic with a rubber-like feel), and the XFit rings are olympic styled rings (lowest level is a very sturdy, almost invincible, hard plastic). Which both are easy to clean. The TRX, on the other hand, has a foam-like material over the handles, and the foot cradles over the nylon webbing. Which you can’t clean unless you want to speed up the deterioration process. So, little microbes can fester on the handles and foot cradles. So if you share it with others, have an anti-bacterial gel nearby.

Next: Durability! I’ve had the TRX the longest, So it’s been worked over!!! the main components of the straps are still well intact.

WOSS trainer vs TRX reviews
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