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Russian Fighter Pull up Program

Check out this series labeled “The Fighters workout” as part of the Russian Fighter Pull up program One look at Mike Tyson’s back when he punched should make it obvious how important the lats are to a fighter. The lat provides a connection between your arm and the rest of your body at the moment... Read More
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Tips to Toughen Your Feet

By Brad McLeod and Jeff Grant We get this question once a month: “How do I toughen my feet for upcoming Special Forces training?” Foot problems are a hidden beast, a beast that is all too effective at unraveling months and years of an athlete’s training and preparation for a big event. Whether it’s SOF... Read More
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Best Navy SEAL Equipment and Gear

The Best Navy SEAL Equipment and Gear: As a former Navy SEAL, I get asked all the time what kinds of equipment, tools, and gear I carried in the field and what was my favorite. Check out this list of some of the basic and exotic equipment that Navy SEALs choose to carry into the... Read More
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Mental Preparedness for Tough Workouts

It’s that tough workout again.  The one that you dread.  Like the last time you broke your personal record on the workout Fran – collapsing on the floor with a metal taste in your mouth.  Later you coughed for hours not knowing that you had actually burst tiny blood vessels at the outer edges of your lungs.... Read More
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How to Make a DIY Sandbag for Workouts

Check out these tips on how to make a DIY sandbag for workouts. TIP #1. Get a bag of sand from a local building supply store ($3 US).  Or if your in a pinch dig up some dirt from the woods – or construction rubble from the apartment next door. My first sand bag I... Read More

Log PT Workouts Tips

The wooden log is an integral part of Navy SEAL training at the BUDS compound in Coronado, California. It is incredibly physical but teaches teamwork during all movements. A team that works together and communicates can achieve more and work more fluidly.  A team that does not communicate will suffer tremendously as the log is... Read More
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Do One Thing Daily That Scares You

I had never heard this saying until much later in life. When I went to When I started Navy SEAL Training/BUDS at 19 years old I was trying to expand my life experiences. Before that age I had not traveled across the Mississippi river and lived a reserved life. Going across the country and to... Read More
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Commando Raid in Syria Takes Out ISIS Leader

1AM Local time helicopters descended on Syria  in a SOF Commando lead raid on an ISIS Leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in what witnesses described as a large operation by US commandos From Fox News: ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was killed in a “successful” U.S. Special Operations counterterrorism mission in northwest... Read More

Top 10 Tips to Prepare for SEALFIT 20X Challenge

The 20X Challenge is a one day crucible training delivered by SEALFIT. The goal is to transform your view of what you are capable of as a human being. 20X is a metaphor – meaning that you are capable of at least 20 Times more than you think you are. The SEALFIT 20X Challenge will prove... Read More
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Garage Gym Equipment List

You have a problem. COVID has closed your local gym and you want to keep training. Check out our list of garage gym equipment that you allow you to keep doing your workouts. There is not much better than starting up your own Garage Gym with a few friends from the neighborhood. One buddy has... Read More
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5 Tips and Workouts for the Navy SEAL Obstacle Course

The BUD/S obstacle course is known for being tough. I am going to show you the workouts that are being used to help decrease times on the Buds “O” course. The course brings back fond memories. I was a small guy so I think I had it easier. You see you have to crawl, climb,... Read More
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How Did I Survive Hell Week –Twice?

This is a question we get every week. Good Question. Honestly…I wanted to quit a few times. But I did not have the balls to ring that bell. I was not an athlete. I grew up with asthma and did not play sports. Everything was stacked against me. At 19 years old I was a loser... Read More
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10 Tips to Increase Grip Strength

What is the number one thing to fail on pull ups and dead lifts? It is hand strength. Train the weakest link and improve your lifts. Check out these tips to increase grip strength and start crushing workouts. DEADLIFT This is one lift that will really expose your weakness on the grip strength. Train the... Read More
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Pavel Tsatsouline Workout

Pavel is considered one of the true legends of kettle bell workouts having brought the kettle bell from Mother Russia to the good ole U.S. of America. Pavel blends old school strength and power with new school balance, agility and speed. Check out these bodyweight and kettle bell workouts that Pavel uses to strengthen his... Read More
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