How Do I Prepare for BUD/S Training?

We get questions every week from athletes on “How to prepare for Navy SEAL BUDS training”. Check out these questions, answers and videos to help point you in the right direction.

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Thinking about going to BUDS? You need to train hard but also train smart.

A top Navy SEAL trainer once said “It is hard to train for anything that your getting your nuts kicked for 6 months straight”. I agree.

Question: How do I get prepared for BUDS prep school in Great Lakes?

Tip #1. Show up prepared for BUDS prep.. don’t rely on BUDS prep school to get you ready for BUDS. See the video below.

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Tip #2. Get good pair of running shoes and start on a soft track. Don’t run on an elliptical as this is not really running. You are kidding yourself on an elliptical. Start slow with running and progress up. Take a break and rest the body every four weeks as needed.

Tip #3. Get a pair of swim fins and start with slow progressions. Don’t overdo it and swim too much with fins too quick. Athletes some time have a tightness in their ankle when starting out. Go slow and switch back to side stroke without fins as needed.

Question: How would you suggest I train for the large amounts of running required for Navy SEALs prep? Do I need to run 15 to 20 miles a week like I have heard? See video below.

Video on how to Prepare for Running in boots at BUDS

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BUDS running progression
10 miles first week
only add 10% distance each week
30% of running should be on unstable terrain (dirt road, trail, sandy beach).
Goal is to get to 40 miles per week as that is what you will run at BUDS.

Tip #4. You don’t need big muscles for SEAL training. You hear that? I will repeat it again… Your wasting your time with Jacked up muscles at BUDS. The instructor in the video above says it.. and I re-emphasize it. I went through BUDS twice. The first time through I lifted weights like a mad-man. I did Nautilus machines and bench pressed. I screwed up. I wish I would have done a wide variety of bodyweight workouts with pull-ups and dips and sled drags. I would have worked out with a sang bag on my shoulder and a ruck sack on my back.  I also would have carried a log and picked up stones and carried them.  Now I know better and want to tell you of my mistakes.

Check out this article: Do I Need Strength in BUDS?”

Tip #5. You need a strong core and the ability to move your body in many different motions. Lifting with a sand bag and doing rotational movements is much better for you. Doing laps on an obstacle course or at your local playground is much better. Top that off with a long run to the river after that.

Question: To get ready for BUDS, how many miles a day should I be running? I would not run every day. I would gradually build up your running base miles over a few weeks – then take a week off to allow recovery and then start back. Check out the video below.

Video on Navy SEAL BUDS running mile progression

Do not run in boots when you can just use running shoes and reduce stress on your feet and legs.

Question: How do I prevent stress fractures from running so much at BUDS? Don’t run in boots. Get a new pair of good running shoes. Don’t run too many miles too quick. Check out the video below.

Question: Do you have any tips on stress fracture prevention for BUDS? Check out the video below.

Question: How long is Navy training before BUDS?

Answer from Frank Cutler, SEAL Motivator –
Boot Camp is 8 Weeks long, than onto BUD/S Prep which is also up at Great Lakes, that is another 8 Weeks long! About 93% of the applicants with a SEAL Contract will go onto BUD/S from this point after Boot Camp & BUD/S Prep!

If you are in the Southeast and looking to join the SEAL Teams please contact Frank Cutler SEAL Motivator.

Question: I am having a lot of problems getting in the Navy to go to BUDS.. what is the deal?

Answer from Frank Cutler
Let me give you the run down first off, 72%-75% of the individuals looking at the military don’t qualify to even Enlist period! So Brad, 3/4 of these individuals can’t even get into today’s Military. Next, about 33% of the individuals who do Enlist are not Qualified for reasons from low AFQT Test results to something involving their Medical, Criminal Activity, or Bad Credit.

Question: How long is BUDS and what comes after that?
Answer from Frank Cutler – BUD/S is 5 Months long, after that they go through SQT which is about another 5-6 Months long. From there they graduate and go onto the Teams.

Question: What was the single hardest workout that you did in BUDS? We had a hard beat down on the beach that was called “circus” where we got busted for messy rooms. on Friday afternoon instead of securing they marched us iut on the beach and we watched the sun go down while doing 1000s of calisthenics in the surf zone. Also when we did log PT in hell week that was pretty freaking hard. Log PT is seared into my mind. Oh yeah, also the “Around the World” all night paddle was pretty hard.

Question: What is one thing you wished you would have worked on more to get ready for BUDS? I wish I would have worked on endurance and stopped lifting weights.

Question: I am having trouble with my new boots and they are giving me blisters. What should I do? Wet them down with a water hose and walk around the block or mow your grass with them on. Slowly break them in. Wear double socks (Smart wool outer sock and a sock liner) and use Bodyglide anti-chafe balm in the future when rucking.

When getting ready to ruck check out these tips on breaking in your boots for BUDS.

Question: How do I get ready for Navy SEALs prep school? Check out the tips above.

Question: Will I get tendonitis in BUDS training? It depends on if you have a past history with overtraining and elbow injuries. It will also depend on how well you eat, take care of your body with foam rolling and rest on the weekends. If you overtrain and have mild tendonitis and go to BUDS and eat like crap and party on weekends, then your tendonitis could flare up.

Question: Do you have a book about what to expect once you get to BUDS as I want to be prepared?

Yes; we recommend the book Breaking BUD/S: How Regular Guys Can Become Navy SEALs.

It is a good depiction of what to expect and the type of mindset you will need to make it through.

Question: Would it be smarter to join the Rangers first to get into better shape before trying out for the Seals, or would that just be a waist of my time?

Answer: I would only prepare to go to BUDS. Later on as a SEAL you may have a chance to go to Ranger School but for now just focus on the first training.

Question: I am training to be a SEAL and have been for the past 3 years I want it more than anything in the world. I am 18 and a senior in high school I have been doing weights like u said you did before you went to BUDS, but after seeing what you said I am doing more body weight exercises. I also have been wrestling for the past 4 years and swimming for the past 3. Just telling you a little about me. But thank you. Looking forward to hearing back.

Answer: Check out the tips above and I am sure that wrestling and swimming will help you a lot in training.

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