what is pre sop seal fitWhat would be a good example of a Pre-SOP in the SEALFIT workout of the day (WOD’s)?

Before each training session perform a pretraining SOP. This is the same procedure you would use for a big challenge, it would just take a little more time. Find someplace quiet where you won’t be distracted. Review the workout description in detail. Understand the protocol and all the exercises before ever beginning. Is your training space set up properly?

What’s your strategy – are you going to go straight through or break up the workout? Going for a new best in the strength or work capacity segments? Have your towel, journal, pencil and water bottle ready? What about fuel – what will you eat as you run dry? What’s your specific goal for this session? Check in with all this and remind yourself why you’re committed to SF training.

Pre-SOP is a range of motion (ROM) drills followed by breathing exercises (box breathing add some visualization techniques before the workout).

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Now see yourself performing the workout as written, with any modifications you may need. See mission success in your mind’s eye. Rehearse the whole thing with perfect form. Finally, activate deep breathing and charge your body with positive energy and emotions, as if you just hit a new personal best, or had a major breakthrough.

Begin a positive internal dialogue, which you will maintain throughout the training session. Okay. Feel more ready now? Sally forth and dominate, warrior. (Okay, I typed the whole thing.)

Box breathing

Pre-event (Pretraining) SOP (standard operating procedure)
Eliminate external distractions.
Perform a ‘dirt dive’ visualization to size up your performance in the event and size down the opponents or enemy.
Review goal and strategy for mission or challenge.
Initiate Performance Anchor process – see, feel and hear your ideal performance state and start an internal dialogue with a powerful mantra to maintin a positive mind-set, speech, posture and state of being. Your Performance Anchor should include deep breath control exercises.

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What is sealfit rom? ROM stands for Range of Motion.

What are ROM drills? Range of motion drills like deep walking lungings.

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