Jump Rope Care Tips

Jump Rope Care TipsIf your going to workout hard with the jump rope you will need to take care of your jump rope to keep it in working condition. Here are a few jump rope care tips.

  1. Dont jump outside on asphalt or concrete – this will chew up your rope.

  2. Put a thin yoga mat down on the concrete if you chose to jump outside – this will prolong the length of your rope.

  3. Use more than one rope so you dont pull all of your use on one rope.

Video – Jump Rope Care Tips

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Jump Rope Care Tips4. Put a thin piece of tape on the middle of your rope so that it will take the abrasion of jumping on concrete.

  1. Hang your jump rope up at the end of the day. Jump ropes are often broken when they are left on the floor of the gym and someone drops a weight on them.

Video – Jump Rope Care Tips

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  1. Put your jump rope in a bag when transporting. Your jump rope loves to tangle itself so keeping it in a bag keeps in from becoming a tied up tangle.

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Jump Rope Care Tips

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