Jump Rope Tips and Workouts

crossfit jump rope workout Jumping rope is one of the easiest ways to build up and train your cardiovascular system.  Even on a cold rainy day – you can break out a basic jump rope in your garage or basement or spare bedroom and get a great workout.

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No garage gym should be without a good jump rope to work on your cardio and double unders.

It is important to properly size your jump rope to fit your height.

Here is a list of athletes heights to match the proper jump rope length they need. To match up the proper jump rope length for each athletes height

Length Chart
8 foot rope for athletes 5 ft 5 inches and under
9 foot rope for athletes 5 ft 6 inch to 6 ft even
10 foot rope for athletes 6 ft 1 inch to 6 ft 6 in
11 foot rope for athletes over 6 ft 6 inches tall
6 feet 6 inches and over – you will have to contact a company that specializes in custom ropes.

You can use the length chart above as a guide for rope lengths and sizes.  If you are a more advanced jumper you may want to make the rope a little short to take up any slack and help speed up double unders.

A quick way to size up a jump rope for proper fit in your gym.

Get a jump rope and stand in the middle of it. Then bring each handle as high as it can go. It should touch roughly to your arm pits. If so, give it a jump or two and see how that feels.

A workout that I like to do in my garage is called the “Ring Pushup-Double Under” Workout.  Check it out.

Ring pushup Double Under WOD
5 rounds for time
15 ring pushups (or substitute 25 regular pushups)
200 meter sprints
25 double unders
10 burpees with frog broad jump

Note time completed and put it in your training log.

Avoid using on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface. Ideal surfaces are gymnasium floors, rubber coated floors, rubber matted floors, or on pvc matting.

Question: What is a good rope to get started with double unders?

Check out the CFF Double Under Dual Ball Bearing Speed Rope. This rope is light and a good value for the price.

Here is another workout with jump ropes that I did out at SEALFIT in California a few months back.

20 pull ups
200 m. walking lunge
sprint 200 m.
100 mtn climbers
sprint 200 m.
50 burpees
sprint 200 m.
150 squats
sprint 200 m
75 push ups
sprint 200 m
100 double unders
Post time in comments

The Backstreets workout is a cardio burner so give it a go.

TIP #2
Inspect your cable rope for tears in the pvc covering.

If any tears are noticed or any wire cable is exposed cease use immediately.

for time
50 double unders
50 situps
40 double unders
40 situps
30 double unders
30 situps
20 double unders
20 situps
10 double unders
10 situps
Post time in comments

Save the Plastic Wire Ties that came with your rope and after each use wrap your rope up in a 5-6 inch diameter circle the same way it was shipped.

3 rounds for time
Run 400 meters
50 double unders
post time in comments

TIP #4
NEVER bend, kink, or tie your rope in a knot. This will drastically reduce its efficiency and life span.

100 double unders for time

TIP #5
A tip from SEALgrinderPT on taking care of your jump rope is this — wrap a piece of adhesive tape around the center of your jump rope cord. This will protect the cord from getting worn down from jumping on the concrete.  We have used this method in our gym with good success.  When the tape wears out – just add more tape – or cut off the old with a pair of scissors and put fresh tape on.

At our gym we like to hang our jump ropes up so that they hang down and are allowed to unwind.  We try not to tie them in knots to shorten them as this kinks the rope and makes it hard for others to use.

Workout #6
10 minute AMRAP
20 unbroken double unders
Post time in comments

Workout #7
5 rounds for time
20 pull ups
20 double unders

For cardio work and foot speed nothing beats the jump rope.  So “jump” on these tips and get your workouts in and improve in every way.  Athletes around the world are enjoying the benefits of jumping rope. The sport has gotten so big there are now International competitions. Grab a rope and hit your garage gym for a good workout.

Check out these questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: “Coach, what jump rope is best for CrossFit?”. Many athletes prefer the thinner ropes for speed. Some athletes prefer a larger diameter as it is slower and easier for them to work with.

Question: “Coach, what can be substituted for a 200 meter run in Crossfit?” Usually 50 to 60 double unders is a good substitute for running 400 meters. So 25 double unders will work for 200 meters.

How to Size a Jump Rope
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