Tommy Kono knee band review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Tommy Kono knee bands and you decide they are good enough for your next workout.

Tommy Kono knee band review by Joshua:
I had to take a break from competition powerlifting and recently got back into it.

I used to have a pair of the large Rehband Rx Knee sleeves but somehow they have disappeared.

I saw the TK Knee Bands online and they had a ton of good reviews so I went for them.

I liked them right off the bat as they keep my knees warm though out the work out and give me good support throughout the lift.

I am about 250 lbs and wear a medium size but if you are a really big lifter with big legs then you will want to bump up to large.


Make sure to keep these washed and dried out well or they will turn into a smelly mess in your gym bag.

Check out Tommy Kono Knee Bands @

Tommy Kono knee band review by James:
This is a really good pair of knee sleeves as I have tried other brands like Rehband, RockTape Assassins and the new ones by Nike.

In the end I go with these sleeves as they fit me really good and I like the thickness of the neoprene.

Over the past few years I started having some pain in my legs when I squatted and it slowly got worse.

A buddy loaned me his bands and I wore them and liked them. I went ahead and ordered a pair of the TK Knee Bands from online.

They came pretty quick in a few days and I have been wearing them 3 times a week for squats and deadlift sessions.

Question: What about TK bands vs Rehband?

Answer: They are both good an similar in how they are made. You need to decide what mm of neoprene you want to go with your lifting style.

Question: Are these ok to wear in an USAPLIPF event?

Answer: Yes; these will work in competition.

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