Rich Xs GoRuck interview

rich Xs goruck interview

Check out this interview with Army veteran Rich Xs as he gives us the inside scoop on doing multiple GoRuck events.

SGPT:Tell us about yourself?

RX: I’m a 23 year old veteran of the Army, did four years as a forward observer, doing PSYOP in the Reserve now.

SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

RX: Not at all. I was a fat shit in high school. Was hovering around 250 in high school, all fat.

Shot all the way down to 138 in the Army. Finally breaking 160.

Video – GoRuck Cadre Burt lays down the rules

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SGPT: How did you train for GoRuck?

RX: I didn’t train much, honestly. I had rucked so much in the Army, and the kind of PT we did was very specific for this kind of Challenge. I just did basic calisthenics with the ruck on. No need to get too crazy.

SGPT: Tell us a little about the event?

RX: I’ve done many, I’ve done many of the Challenges, a Heavy, I cadred a Mini, etc. The website won’t steer you wrong. It’s an endurance team building event that sucks at times during, but is worth it after for reasons unexplainable.

SGPT: Where we the GoRuck events held at (city)?

RX: lets see… NY, Richmond, Philly, DC, Boston… uhm…and Bear Mountain.

Video – GoRuck Philly event

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SGPT: What was hardest part of the event?

RX: Not wanting to punch onlookers that ask ‘what we’re protesting.

SGPT: What is one thing you wish you would have done to get ready for GoRuck?

RX: Take steroids. No, but really, I wish I had more upper body strength. I didn’t weigh enough for my first one and it was brutal for me because of that.

SGPT: Any tips for up and coming athletes that want to do GoRuck?

RX: Check your gear. Train with a sense of purpose and like your teammates life depends on it. I’ll have further once I’m through both my selections next year, one for the Army and GoRuck.

SGPT: What kind of boots did you wear? Did you use double socks or Bodyglide anti-chafe?

RX: Nike SFBs, single socks. I’d recommend a change for a Heavy or a Challenge you know you’ll be in the water often (my AC challenge.)

goruck gr1 pack reviewSGPT: What kind of ruck sack (back pack) did you wear?

RX: I’ve worn a GoRuck 2 backpack, a GoRuck 1, and a RR throughout my Challenges.

SGPT: Thanks for the interview Rich.

RX: You’re welcome!


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Rich Xs GoRuck interview