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SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

Brad: I am a family guy first and love to help athletes around the world achieve their goals. I went through BUD/S twice and served on SEAL Team Four serving in the Navy a total of six years. I am very honored to be a part of the SEALFIT cadre and my goal is to always learn and never ask anyone to do anything that I have not done.

GoRuck push ups and flutter kicks

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SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

Brad: Not really. I grew up with asthma and was not keen on sports. I played soccer my last year in high school only because it was their first year and not enough guys. I remember running hills and a teammate asked if I smoked (he heard my lungs). I liked to skateboard and hang out with friends. Later on I found weightlifting and like that a lot as I needed to add a few pounds to my frame. I like the discipline of having to be in the gym every day. I needed lots of discipline as I was a row boat in a storm with out a rudder, paddle or sail.

SGPT: How did you train for GoRuck?

Brad: I rucked in the hills with an awkward pack and did bodyweight workouts. I did not lift the barbell. I wrestle jitz a few times a week so I figured that help as I knew it would be an @ss kicking.

SGPT: Tell us a little about the event? Where and how many events?

Brad: I had thought I was signing up for the Atlanta GoRuck light as I had honestly not trained very hard other than doing rucks and bodyweight workouts. My buddies had signed up for the event and when I saw it was a GR Challenge and not a GR Light – I was like oh well.. you gonna get butt kicked either way so just roll the dice.

The event started at Centennial Park and we had a “welcome party” for the first hour plus. I had eaten a huge bowl of noodles and beef 2.5 hours before so I promptly vomited after doing hill sprints. I tried to be discreet and vomit in my hand and drop it on the deck. But then the second upchuck came and it blew out between my fingers.. I was like “oh well” – this is what I signed up for — to be challenged and see how I would react when knocked agains the wall.

We rucked to the north end of Piedmont Park with some drills in between. We picked up a downed pilot (wood log) in the park and brought him back to safety.

SGPT: What was hardest part of the event?

Brad: The first hour getting punched in the stomach with the welcome party. I knew it was coming with the beat down. Throwing up helped and I felt better. I am used to getting my @ss kicked in life so I just shrugged shoulders and got my chin up. The rest of event was hard also – my traps and neck are still sore. I wanted it to be hard.. not easy.. as “Iron sharpens Iron” that is the only way.

SGPT: What is one thing you wish you would have done to get ready for GoRuck?

#1: Odd object.
I should have carried my ruck but also carried a rock or heavy object in my arms to load my traps. I am making a strap to connect to weights (or sand bag) and will use that later in the week to train.

#2: Streamlined pack.
I would have worn a thinner pack like the GR1. I wore an old Alice pack without an internal frame. I made a mistake of putting an extra liter water bottle in the outside pouch and it came out doing bear crawls. I also lost a small bag of extra clothes. I was like a “garage sale” out there with extra gear scattered. Next time I will not bring extra liter bottles or extra bags unless they are tied into inside of pack.

Tips on packing for GoRuck

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#3: Water bladder
I would have spent more time making sure my water bladder did not shift and had a better velcro piece to keep it attached to my ruck shoulder strap. My bladder shifted and my bladder cord was short so all night long I was asking my buddy to hand me my cord.

#4: Fuel
I would have not over eaten before the event. I threw up in first hour – but once hydrated I felt good after that. I used Frog Fuel (goo type protein), ate a banana and had a beef jerky about 3/4 way through event. I also drank a half liter of Intensity Fuel.

#5: Bricks
I totally screwed up with the bricks. I wrapped them as single bricks without bubble wrap. 15 minutes into the event doing bear crawls and the bricks shifted and I had sharp edged bricks in my back. Oh well… lesson learned. In the future I would wrap all bricks together with bubble wrap and duck tape and put name on bricks (security reasons).

#6: Rehydration
I noticed that several guys had rehydration salt tablets both for themselves and handing out to others. I thought this was a good idea to have within the group.

SGPT: What boots did you wear? Double socks? Bodyglide or another type of anti-chafe balm?

I wore a pair of New Balance lightweight hiking boots and they did great. They are a half size too big and still work great. These boots are light and cushioned. I used Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm on my feet, crotch, nipple and under arms. I wore REI sock liners with a pair of thicker Smart Wool socks over that. I used Nike combat compression shorts.

My feet were never a problem. The only thing I would change is possibly getting a half size smaller boot. I had no blisters or hot spots. I used a Source water bladder hydration system.

SGPT: What kind of pack did you use? How did you like it?

Brad: I used an old Alice pack. I like it for rucking as it is a little awkward but does a good job. I bought it used for $30 so a great value as I will hand it down to my son.

I would not use the Alice in the next event unless I worked to trick it out with all of the tips above. I think the Alice is great – just needs so detailing.

I would look at getting a GR1 Ruck if I were to suggest to someone training now. The athletes with GR1’s had not issues at all – ever.

SGPT: Any tips for up and coming athletes that want to do GoRuck?

Brad: Make sure you gear is right before the event. Bear crawl with your pack on so that it is upside down. If it can’t pass the test of being turned all around then you need to dial it in.

Be ready to get kicked in the stomach in hour one and know that you will be knocked on your knees. No one cares if you get beat down – what matters is do you get up? How will you respond?

SGPT: How will you train different for next event?

Brad: I will do my ruck marches with an odd object in my arms or around neck. Do flutter kicks with the pack on my stomach. Get my pack dialed in better with bladder hose at the ready.

A good GoRuck workout will be..

GoRuck training workout #1
mobility warmup 10 minutes…then..
walking lunge with ruck 200 meters
hill sprints x 5
20 pushups with ruck (chest to deck)
25 flutter kicks with ruck on stomach
Ruck 10 miles minimum with 35 lbs in hilly terrain
along the way do 100 meters bear crawl, low crawl
when arriving back to base..
hill sprints x 3
20 pushups with ruck
25 flutter kicks with ruck on stomach
post workout results in comments below.

SGPT: Thanks for the interview Brad

Brad: You bet, I hope athletes can learn 1 thing and apply it to their event.

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