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productThis LuminAID PackLite Inflatable Solar Lantern review is about all the current three versions of the product. All three versions are inflatable lamps powered by photovoltaic (PV) cells also known as solar cells. These LuminAID lamps are very ingenious inventions. Although originally designed for disaster relief and as an aid for poor people who cannot afford better lighting, it has found its way into the camping and hiking worlds and is also steadily gaining popularity.

Using it is also very simple. Just leave it in sunlight for 6 to 7 hours to charge the battery, then inflate it and press the ON button. Every version of the inflatable lantern is also waterproof and will float on water without any damage whatsoever.

A Short History of the LuminAID Photovoltaic Lamp

In 2010, after the Haiti earthquake, two architecture students decided to do something that could make a difference in the lives of disaster victims. They focused on developing a lighting solution that is affordable, simple to use and could be easily distributed during emergencies. They came up with the first version of the lamp, the Solar Light V1 in 2010.

In 2015, the two young women released three new versions of the lamp under the PackLite brand: The Spectra photovoltaic lamp, the 12 photovoltaic lamp and the 16 photovoltaic lamp. The company also has a partnership with different organizations around the world, to donate their lights to people without access to electricity through a program they call ‘Give Light.’ ¬†If this isn’t enough reason to want to donate to a good cause, LuminAID also offers incredible coupons:¬†


The three versions all come with a solar pack that can recharge the battery in about 7 hours. When deflated, they can be as small as a coaster and can easily be attached to a rucksack to charge while hiking. When inflated, the translucent membrane disperses the light coming from the LEDs in a very uniform and warm way. Also, when fully charged, the battery can maintain its charge for well over a year. Next in our LuminAID PackLite Inflatable Solar Lantern review are some details about each product version.

The Spectra

This version offers a maximum of 12 hours of light. It has a blue-green membrane and 7 color modes. It can also display multi-color fades or just plain white light.

spectraThe Pack-Lite 12

This version has a white membrane, offers up to 12 hours of light and has a maximum light intensity of 30 lumens. Amongst different light settings like extra-bright, high and low, it also features a 32 hour flash which can be effectively used as an emergency beacon.

The Pack-Lite 16

With this version, you get up to 30 hours of light and a maximum brightness of 65 lumens (read more). The light settings also feature Low, High, Extra-bright and a 32-hour flash for emergency situations.

How it works

LuminAID photovoltaic lamps function on very simple, yet efficient principles.

A small PV module contains photovoltaic cells that charge an integrated battery anytime there is sunlight.

Press the Power button to either switch the device On or Off, and to cycle through the list of programmed light settings.

The lights can be used in any type of weather, they are waterproof (IPX-7) and also float without problems.

Check out this awesome review for more information:


If you are into camping or hiking, then you must know the value of a rechargeable lamp, especially one that hardly takes any space at all. For other people who may live in disaster prone regions or simply have no other alternative light sources, these photovoltaic lamps are also invaluable. And if you are still considering purchasing this amazing product, then I hope I have convinced you already with this LuminAID PackLite Inflatable Solar Lantern review.

Luminaid helps people who do not have electricity bring light to their homes. Read about it here:

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