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The Onnit kettlebell is designed for anyone that wants to take their workout to the next level. You’ve likely seen a ton of equipment in your search for the perfect gear, but you’ve probably never seen one of these. If you have, you’re undoubtedly impressed with the craftsmanship and uniqueness the brand offers. Whether you are just beginning, or you’re looking to kick it into beast mode, you’ll appreciate everything this high-quality kettlebell has to offer.

What Makes Onnit Different than Other Manufacturers?

You’re probably asking yourself what makes this kettlebell so different than others you’ve seen or used before. Well, first and most importantly, quality is the biggest difference between this equipment and similar models from other manufacturers. Onnit creates their equipment with chip-resistant, iron coating, which will ensure you can be an animal in the gym without destroying your gear. The unique design of the kettlebells also makes them extremely balanced, which makes it easier for you to complete difficult moves with ease. The experts at Onnit have combined science, unique designs, feedback from professionals, and time-tested strategies to create gear guys and gals want and need to use to get results.

Who’s it Designed For?

If you want to be impressed by a kettlebell, you’ve got to check out the Primal series from Onnit. The Primal series is truly designed to let your inner beast escape and take over your workout. The heaviest and most primal in the series is the Bigfoot. Other primal beasts in the series include a gorilla, orangutan, chimp, howler, werewolf, cyclops, and harpy. In the Primal series, you can choose weights from 27lbs to 90lbs.

Onnit kettlebells aren’t just made for experienced athletes. While the Primal series is definitely for those that want an intense workout, Onnit also has beginner packages and sets available. To make sure you can get exactly what you need from the equipment, Onnit offers beginner packages for both men and women. The lower weight units and the packages offered by this sporting goods company range in weight from 4kg to 48kg and have enlarged handles for better strength and grip than you would experience with other models. The enlarged handle also helps you stay balanced so you won’t get thrown off when you’re really getting into your workout.

What do Others Think?

If you ask the average guy at the gym about his favorite type of kettlebell, he might not know about Onnit. However, if you ask serious athletes, professional guys, they most definitely know who makes the best equipment in the market. Professional athletes such as AJ Hawk, Ben Greenfield, Ken Blackburn, Luke Barnatt, Mitch Blackburn, and Adam Dowell all use this type of equipment in their workouts.

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In Summary

Whether you are interested in explosive strength training and endurance or just want a workout that will help you burn calories, create lean muscle, and build your stamina, you can get it when you add this equipment to your routine. The Onnit kettlebell can be a lightweight tool or a beastly weight for serious training.

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Question: What about Rogue vs Onnit kettle bells? With Rogue you are paying extra just to have their name stamped on it. The Onnit equipment is just as good.

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