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Check out the review for Onnit MCT oil and you make the best decision if it is right for your nutrition and training.

What are MCT’s?

coconut mct oilThe term MCT stands for Multi Chain Triglycerides, a form of fat that is capable of being instantly converted into energy by the body. While MCT’s are naturally available in both palm oil as well as coconut oil, they are usually present in low concentrations. It is highly beneficial to both mind and body since its molecular composition allows your liver to instantly break it down into ATP for powering your muscles. Its consumption also helps in thermogenesis, a process in which heat is generated inside your body due to increased metabolism.

For those who are on a weight loss regime, this is also a pure and concentrated source of ketones. If you are a fitness buff, or stay up to date with the latest trends in dieting, then you might have heard about ketonic diets. Ketonic diets help in weight loss, brain development, and allow you to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system. Ketones are one of the two major fuels for the human brain and can be directly converted into ATP, a form of molecular “energy capsule” that the mitochondria in our cells can directly absorb as a fuel source.

Simply put, intake of MCT oils results in increased metabolism, thermogenesis, and a healthier brain. It is no wonder that fitness trainers and athletes worldwide use it as a source of energy to power them through their tough training routines and daily workouts.

About Onnit MCT Oil:

onnit mct oil thSurely there are many brands of MCT oils out there, mainly due to its widespread popularity as a wonder food. But not MCT oils are created equal. Onnit is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of this marvelous product, and the process they use involves synthesis from coconut oil, instead of palm oil.

Many companies use palm as it is cheaper however the process is more harmful to the environment and also results in mediocre grade MCT’s. Onnit uses a rather unique manufacturing process that isolates the lauric acids (C12 chain) from the coconut extracts, lauric acids are the most beneficial type of MCT’s since they burn slower than C8 and C10 MCT chains, resulting in a longer energy output curve that will keep you feeling strong and energetic for an extended duration. Another highly important effect of Lauric acid is that it acts as an appetite quencher, meaning that you rarely feel an urge to snack between mealtimes and feel full as well as satisfied after every meal.

Talking of meals, Onnit can be used in just about anything because it is both tasteless as well as odorless. You can use it in your salad dressings, your coffee, smoothie, chicken, and just about anything else. It can even be used in place of coconut oil for cooking purposes, just don’t try to fry stuff with it since it happens to a low boiling point. Besides, fired foods are not the way to go if you are trying to eat healthy and are spending money on expensive dietary supplements.

To sum it up, Onnit is one of the better brands out there, and they release both regular as well as a new emulsified version of their product. The emulsified MCT’s come in 3 different flavors and are easier to use, since they don’t require you to use a blender in order to get an even mix. Just pour it into your drink, it may be hot coffee or iced tea, the emulsified oil will mix evenly just like milk.

Question: Coach Brad, do you personally use MCT oil?

Answer: I have used Onnit MCT oil and know that it helped my natural energy. Be careful not to take too much as it can upset your stomach. Currently I am using a MCT powder and adding it to my coffee everyday.

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Answer: Check out the Navy’s SWCC/SEAL website page here: If you have any training questions you can email here:

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