Black Hawk Desert Ops boot review

Check out these reviews for the desert tactical boot by Black Hawk and you be the judge if good enough for your feet.
Black Hawk Desert boots review by John:
I tried many different pairs of boots before finding a pair I felt comfortable in and knew would last. I purchased these Blackhawk Tactical Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots strictly for hunting but they were so comfortable I wear them all the time. They breath very well and mud and dirt repel off of them pretty easily. You will not be disappointed.

Black Hawk desert boot review

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Black Hawk Desert Ops boot review by Casper:
I rotated between these books and a pair of Oakleys for my tour in Iraq. I was outside the wire most everyday and these boots, while not as comfortable nor as light as the Oakleys wore better and held together much better. Where the Oakleys are showing wear and tear, including cracks in the leather, and broken strings and threads, the Blackhawk Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots are still going strong. They also were my boot of choice in wet and muddy weather as they seemed to offer better wet weather protection and keep my feet warmer. The flip side is that durring the summer months they were too heavy and hot to wear without a very thin pair of socks, which wore on the soles of my feet a bit rougher than the thicker smart wool socks I prefer.

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Black Hawk Desert Ops boot review

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