Leatherman raptor reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Leatherman Raptor and you be the judge if it is worthy for your next field expedition.

Leatherman Raptor review by Robert:
I am an EMT-B and a nursing student. I used to use the crappy shears reps hand out but got tired of them dulling after like two weeks. These are heavy duty, multi-purpose and can be sharpened (though I doubt I’ll find a need for quite some time). Personally I like any tools I use to have a warranty and you can’t really argue with what the Leatherman 831741 Raptor Multipurpose Tool offers. I clip these to the back of my scubs so I can’t speak to the case but it seems very durable. The ring cutter is a nice addition if in a pinch, but there is a better way to remove a ring without cutting it (some Aussies posted a video on youtube using the elastic strap from a NRB). Now 60 bucks is a bit steep for shears considering even the really good fluoride coated ones go for about 10 bucks, but with the warranty, seat belt cutter (which can be used to quickly remove clothing after an initial snip with the shears) and the compact design sold me. Worth the money.

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Leatherman Raptor review by Dave:
I’ve been a paramedic for almost 30 years – I love my job. I’m not half through my career yet. When I need to cut, I need to cut now. Chewing through denim, seatbelts, leather, and layers with dull shears or rippers is unacceptable. A Leatherman quality tool like the Raptor Tool┬áputs an end to that frustration. Built in O2 wrench, great! Window punch – in 30 years, I’ve only needed to punch a window three times, and one of those times, I had a window punch. Next time, I’ll have the punch on the Raptor. I hope I remember it’s there. The Raptor comes with a holster. It’s very functional; lots of ways to position it, holds the tool open or closed, it’s not going to fall out. If you work in sandy or dirty environments like I do, you’ll want to holster these in a pouch. The included holster keeps the tool easily accessible, but it won’t protect the tool from dirt or sand.

Question: Which one do you prefer with the Leatherman vs SOG? The Leatherman gets tons of great reviews but SOG is also and good brand.

Question: Do Special Forces medics carry these? Some do.

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Leatherman raptor reviews

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