Oakley SI Assault boot reviews

Check out the reviews, comparisons and videos for the Oakley SI Assault boots and you make the decision which one to try out for your next ruck or Special Forces training.

Oakley SI Assault boot review by Lucas
I will keep these boots forever.

These suckers are light weight, breathe well and lasted me 2 deployments one in Iraq and one in Afghan.

I did have to resole the boots so i could have some traction going up mountains, but i will keep these boots forever along with the souls as a war momentum.

The Oakley SI Assault 8″ Boot is lightweight but rugged enough for tough terrain and military operations.

Video – Oakley SI Assault boot review

Check out the Oakley Men’s SI Assault 6″ Boot @ Amazon.com

Oakley SI Assault boot review by Rude Boy Shogun
Best boot ever, and I own quite a few.

One exception is not the latest generation so sole is not stitched, Not waterproof as well but dry fast and are very lightweight.

I would highly recommend the Oakley Men’s SI Assault 8″ Boot as they are really good value.

You may also want to try boot inserts for a longer endurance hike.

Superfeet review by Bill:
The one real cool thing about the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles is that they have the hard plastic bottom.

This, contrary to what seems logical, is the most healthy shock absorption for your feet.

Compare it to running on sand versus running on cement. if you run on sand, your joints work a lot harder, and your body is not able to absorb the shock as well, causing pain. If you run on cement, your subtalar joint won’t splay outwards as much, causing the fatty tissue under your foot to take more of the shock. The Superfeet encourages this with a deep heel cup, so it supports your heel, forcing the fatty tissue to cup your heel, creating the best shock absorption ever.

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