Timberland Pro vs Danner Vicious

Check out these reviews and videos for the Timberland pro vs Danner vicious boot and you decide which one is best for your feet.

Danner Vicious boot review
I decided to wear these boots for a full year before reviewing them, and I’m glad I did. I am a land surveyor and I’ve had these boots on my feet for 45-55 hours per week ever since I got them. I’ve worn the Danner Vicious 8 inch work boot through many different terrains ranging from asphalt to mountains and everything in between, including snow. What makes them almost perfect is that they have held up extremely well and really don’t show a year’s worth of wear.

They have been very comfortable since day one, which is a huge plus for me, and are relatively light weight. The sole is still in good shape with plenty of tread left. Nothing has broken, cracked or come unstitched. Now for the bad part. When the boots were about 7-8 months old, both boots started to leak dirt (and water) from the toe where the rubber meets the leather.

My Dad also bought these boots for work and his did the same thing at around the same time frame. This is a pretty big disappointment because if it weren’t for this problem, I could honestly say that I would not buy another boot. If Danner could fix this problem, they would have a home run with this boot. I don’t think they would even have any competition until you reached the $250-$300 range.

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Timberland Pro boots review
I am amazed. I have been an avid customer of Timberland apparel for a long time. But these boots far exceed any of my expectations. I recently bought a pair of Carolina logger style boots for work.

I work as a hydraulic mechanic in a concrete plant so my boots take alot of beating. As do my feet. The Carolina boots wore down on the sole within 3 weeks of my purchase. I was quite upset.

But since I have bought these Timberland PRO Steel-Toe boots almost no wear on sole, amazingly comfortable. And they came in wide with a steel toe. Absolutely awesome. If you dont own these as a work boot your feet will not ever experience comfort. Im buying a second pair next month just to have when and if these wear out…

Question: Are Danner boots used by the US Army Special Forces? Yes.

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