Top 10 Military Sock Reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for these military socks and you be the judge which ones are best for your feet.

Whether you are training in the military or going out for your next GORUCK event – you will need a good pair of socks to protect your feet.

Fox River military sock review:
Simply put, one of the best boot kneesocks ever made. I rotated 5 pair during a 1 year tour in Iraq while I was in the US Army. They held up fine for the year during long patrols, even when wet.

The Fox River Military Boot Sock are well made and comfortable with “no blister” toe seams. If you need the best sock to wear with your combat boots, you can be sure these socks will serve you well. I am ready to buy several more packs of them.

Darn Tough sock review by Thandley:
These are by far the most comfortable hiking socks I’ve ever owned. They don’t hold moisture or cause blisters like cotton, don’t overheat in warmer weather, and stay perfectly warm in cooler weather, even when wet or dirty. The fit for the Darn Tough Merino Wool Sock is excellent (how many socks are available in 5 distinct sizes?), and so far they have never bunched up or slid down my calf while hiking.

After trekking in the same pair for several days (allowing them to air out overnight) they don’t seem to hold any odor and stay soft — not at all “crusty” in the morning. These have been up and down Mt. Adams with me and on numerous shorter hikes, with seemingly no change in fit or quality after many washes. I’m not sure if it’s really necessary, but I’ve always allowed them to air dry.

Smartwool heavy trekking sock review by BT:
I would not have believed it if I had been told that socks could make such a difference in walking several miles, boots seem to fit better, and no foot rubbing or chafe, no blisters , AND , they dry overnight, AND there is no odor even after 2 days of wear, 3 maybe if it is not too hot. The Smartwool Trekking Sock last and last a long time. They are also great for wearing at home in cold climates also.

511 Tactical level 1 sock review by Jsmith:
I usually do not leave reviews, but I just had to write something about these socks. I will be the very first person to say that they are outrageously expensive, BUT, they have to be the most comfortable and helpful socks I have ever worn. I have very poor circulation in my calves and tend to have swollen legs after my 10 hour shifts, all on a factory’s concrete floor. These 5.11 Tactical Level I socks helped keep my feet and legs from swelling as badly and were very comfortable all day.

I got my very first pair for free, by buying a pair of 5-11 tac. boots; and have washed and worn the original pair on numerous occasions. They seem to be holding up well and are still doing the job! As an aside I also have extremely large lower legs anyway and these seem to fit just as good as my $400 prescription socks.

Danner sock review by Cierra:
I love these socks. They have a snug comfortable fit and stay up on your leg and down bunch up. I have an issue with socks being to big or moving around a lot. The Danner TFX Hot Weather Drymax Socks form to your feet and are awesome! I have already recommended these to other guys in my platoon and am getting ready to buy 2 more pairs as backups. These are better than under armor socks that I had before.

FITS sock review by groundie:
Since discovering this socks (made by a small Tennessee company) locally, I have been wearing them just about all the time. They are plush, soft and fit perfectly almost like shoes. Heel and the toe area feel like they are pre-formed or something. Your feet slides in and stays there.

The Fits Socks do not bind underneath your feet and the top does not slip down to your ankle. After a full day of hiking, they pretty much hold their shape and position. If you are a regular hiker, you already know how important and even critical this can be. I’ve given these socks to several friends and they love it as well.

Wigwam sock review by Billy:
I bought two pair of these socks from a few years ago, one gray heather and one dark khaki. They were so comfortable that I bought two backup pairs, in case they became unavailable later. The backups are still in the original packages, because the first two pairs refuse to wear out. They’ve been worn and washed countless times, and they still show almost no wear.

They don’t pill, either. I use the Wigwam Hiking Pro Socks mostly as casual socks and for 2-4 mile outdoor walks; for hiking and serious outdoor activity that requires a hiking boot, I prefer a slightly thicker sock with a wicking liner. However, I’ve hiked in these socks, and they’re fine. I wear the socks without shoes around the house, which is usually a death sentence for the sole, but not with these Ultimax socks. The socks wick well, and the inner loops provide a very comfortable cushion. These socks are a superior product and well worth the price.

Prosok sock review by Brad M:
These are my go to sock for a long endurance event. I have a drawer full of Darn Tough, Smartwool, REI and Pearl Izumi socks and these are my #1 pick if I am going to a long distance endurance event.

I wore them at a recent GORUCK event and they performed great with no problems.

The PROSOK V2 Sock are worth their weight and dollar for dollar a good value. You cannot go wrong as these socks keep their shape, dry out quickly and don’t bunch down on your ankle.

Thorlo combat boot sock review by Mike:
As a Marine I am constantly wearing boots. I have been stationed in some extremely cold areas of the world the past few years and it seems that no matter how much you bundle up your feet seem to get cold first. The Thorlo line of boot socks are some of the best boot socks I have ever worn.

The Thorlo Combat Boot sock are thick and very paded and they provide an ample amount of warmth for your feet even in the coldest of conditions. They are even great in warmer weather because they wick away the sweat from your feet and provide a cooler feel. They are by no means cheap socks, but if you are in boots as much as I am, they are worth every penny!

Magnum boot sock review by James:
Love these socks. I wore this pair in Afghanistan and kept my feet from getting blistered on our long rucks.

Will buy several more pairs when I can.

Best socks I have found for the boots that I wear.

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