Are you ready to gain explosive speed, increase your pullups and pushups, or just lose a few pounds and create more discipline in your fitness workouts?  Check into our online coaching program which can help you work on your weaknesses and build your self into a new you.  Contact Brad McLeod and get started on our SGPT program today.

Here are a few testimonials from athletes we are currently working with.

Jake Berman

Brad is a great trainer and pushes me further than i ever thought I could go. For example, I can do Muscle-Ups now which I could not perform before training with Brad. My CrossFit total has improved by 205lbs! Brad introduced me to Navy SEAL training which i LOVE. The Navy SEAL workouts he puts together are very intense and definatley improve your strength, stamina, and endurance. Thanks Brad! Jake Berman

Travis Retherford
I’ve been training for a comeback to BUD/S for the past year and a half, i’m not new to the gym but i just couldn’t make the improvements i wanted to. i posted a thread on the forums about this and brad posted back some great tips within the first day or two. after that i started working with him almost everyday and the workouts he sends me are outstanding, i’ve never been in better shape. not only just my conditioning but overall as an athlete i feel better, i’m eating better, and i’ve gained a confidence in myself that i’ve never had before. thank you so much for your time brad, can’t wait for bud/s. Travis R.

Annlee Hines
I’m not a SEAL, and never will be – too old, wrong gender. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pursue the same level of fitness goals – high strength-to-weight ratio, agility, endurance, the ability to meet whatever challenge comes at me, whether or not I saw it coming.

SEALgrinderPT is working for me – I’m getting stronger and more coordinated. The days I do these workouts, I sleep better – for good reason!

The progress isn’t instant, but you don’t get out of shape instantly, either. Keep your perspective, and keep going. Consistency is 90% of the battle.


I look forward to hearing from you and starting you on your path to conquering your goals today.

Brad McLeod
CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

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