Top 10 AR-15 Rifles

top 10 AR-15 of 2013Our goal is to find out your favorite black rifle for the year?

What is the best assault rifle value for the price? Bushmaster vs Colt?

What is the best and most reliable?

We are looking for reviews and feedback on weapons you like to shoot with.

If money were no object which one is best hands down? How much would you spend? 1k? 2k? wow.

Please vote in the poll at the bottom of page and help us decide the best black rifle AR-15 in 2013.

bear creek arsenal kit#10 Bear Creek Arsenal review by Mike: Overall, this is a great rifle for the money. Build as a AR 15 kit (start with a lower receiver) and save a lot. Look at all the reviews on here and you will see that very few people are unhappy with these. I bought 2 of them and have different plans for each of them. At this price, you can afford to customize it to your needs without ending up with $2,000 invested int it.

Video – Bear Creek Arsenal review

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#9 Rock River Arms review by GAhunter:
rock river arms ar15 Rock River makes a good AR. They are not mil spec though if that matters to you. You will not have some features of the mil spec AR’s but for a beginner that is not as important. The 1:9 twist will not be as good at stabilizing the heavier bullets but it will shoot 55 gr with the best of them. I have heard of several Rock River Arms shooting MOA though even with the heavier rounds. Its a good, durable rifle for the money for the average shooter. If you run competitions or use it in your daily job I might recommend something better, but for 99% of operators it will do just fine. I have heard of prices on them as low as $800 and for that I would say its a very good deal!

Question: What is a good rear sight for my AR-15?

We like the Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Rear Flip Sight. “Tore my A2 handle off my AR as soon as I got it so I could place some type of red dot sight on top. I also wanted a rear sight in case my red dot ever failed. That led me to the Magpul MBUS. I read lots of reviews, ended up on this product and glad I bought.”

Video – Rock River Arms review by Nutnfancy

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#8 Lewis Machine & Tool review by Jim:
lewis machine tool ar15I’d say you’re getting much more than just a logo on the rifle. LMT builds to military specs and has military contracts. They’re a big player and have been around longer than most AR manufacturers. My first AR was a LMT carbine and it proved flawless. In fact, I have this exact rifle up for sale in classifieds now only because I’m trying to fund another project. The LMT is a great rifle, but you pay for the extra features such as their quick change barrel system and the monolithic rail.

Question: What is a good front sight to put on my black rifle?

Heck, if you go with the MAGPUL rear sight you might as well go with a Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Front Flip Sight.

We like the pair together as they are fool proof and you don’t have to worry about your battery going dead in your red dot.

We like soldier proof systems like the one designed at Magpul. You cannot go wrong with this set up.

Video – Lewis Machine & Tool review

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#7 Daniel Defense review by Urban:
daniel defense ar15Though the DDM4v1 may not glow in the dark or sparkle in the sunlight, make no mistake, the quality of the DDM4v1 is undeniable. At $1250 – $1700 the DDM4 isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is the most attractive dancer at a strip club, at least you get to take the rifle home. Daniel Defense makes good stuff so you know what your getting. I’m sure some of you intend to come home with both, but Im not here to judge, you get what you pay for.

Question: What is a good value sling for my rifle?

We like the Ultimate Arms sling. You can also use this on a tactical shotgun as it is very versatile. This sling comes with a ring so there is no need to order an additional one. Sling comes in olive drab color so has a nice look. At only $16 you get really good value out of this sling.

Video – Daniel Defense review

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#6 Windham Weaponry review by Joey:
windham weaponry ar15 gearHello, I recently purchased a Windham Weaponry flat top AR. Here is a small review for anyone interested. I have shot about 1000 rounds in a few weeks. I am an LEO also and it is my patrol rifle. I have my Windham Weaponry rifle set up with a nikon prostaff 2-7×32 scope but I also have a set of LMT irons. The rifle is solid and very well built. I have not had a problem to speak of. It seems to feed any ammo I throw at it. It breaks down nicely and seems to be made of high quality. I paid 750 for the rifle with one mag, sling and a plastic case.

Video – Windham Weaponry review

#5 DPMS Sportical review by BHouse:
dpms m4As I have said in other posts about DPMS they are a great rifle company that makes civie standard rifles and are great of beginners. If your not up to spending a 1000 plus on a rifle then go ahead the good thing about buying a complete rifle is WARRANTY otherwise build away its your decision. btw my AR is a DPMS with almost 6000 rounds through it a few ammo related problems but thats it and im working on my first build thanks to this site

Stag Arms review by Fish:
My new Stag ran great today! Amazing how fast you can burn through the ammo with pre-ban mags!
LMT is probably better, but I am a noob and can’t tell the difference anyways! I couldn’t be happier and didn’t spend anywhere near $1700! After a few thousand rounds through this one maybe I will be able to appreciate the “finer rifles”!

Video – DPMS Overview and Review

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#3 Bushmaster review by Wolfsfire:
bushmaster m4This Bushmaster M4 can shoot both 5.56 NATO and .223 ammunition, it is chambered for 5.56 so it is safe to use .223 as well. It is quite accurate out of the hard plastic carry case that it comes in. It also comes with a gun strap (you should upgrade to a battle sling, 30 round metal magazine, and an owners guide that takes you step by step through the cleaning process, to keep your rifle operating at peak performance.

Video Bushmaster Review

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#2 S&W M&P-15 Optics Ready By Ryan from Centennial CO: I purchased this about a year ago because of how little was on it. I wanted to customize it the way I would like it from the ground up. With an Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic, and Magpul furniture, this baby is wonderful! I have never had a single problem with it once! No ftf, fte, stove piping, nothing! it just does not stop! for the value, and the quality, you cannot beat this rifle. I highly recommend it!

Video -My new M&P15 ORC (Optics Ready) 5.56 NATO AR15

#1 Colt 6920 review by TJ:
colt sporting rifle Despite my best efforts to push the rifle beyond its limits, I found the Colt to be as reliable as the Yugoslavian M70B1 AK that I owned at the same time. Shooting through Southeast Texas rain and mud, New Mexico sandstorms, and thousands of rounds without cleaning, the Colt AR rifle proved itself to me as an outstandingly reliable machine. In one of my attempts to make the rifle fail, I picked the most pitiful looking USGI magazine out of about twenty that a friend had brought back with him from his deployment in Iraq. This magazine had broken most of its welds along its spine, and had been crudely re-welded. The sides of the magazine were not quite parallel; the “box” cross-section of the magazine being more of a trapezoid than a rectangle. Despite this, the rifle – which at this point had not been cleaned in over a thousand rounds – worked flawlessly, for over 120 rounds fed from that same magazine.

2013 Runner Ups:
Noveske review by Franken: Noveske puts together high quality parts with excellent QC and customer service.

The barrels are also really nice, high durability and fantastic accuracy potential.

But, recently more and more companies are putting out excellent parts and barrels. The quality gap is shrinking. You have to look at it competitively. If you have a Noveske chromelined barreled rifle for 1000 and a Colt with the same config for $900 then yeah in my opinion it is worth the extra $100. Even cost no question. But if say you had a BCM middy for $1000 and a Noveske with the same features for $1300 then I’d probably go with the BCM… I’d rather have a Noveske barrel but I don’t think it is $300 better. I don’t care who makes the rifle, $2400 bucks is ridiculous right now for an AR… Especially when you can have a Larue PredatAR for $1500 or even a PredatOBR for $2000. Even money I’d still take the Larue though 😉

Video – Noveske Rifles review
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Question: How do you rate the Bushmaster vs Stag Arms model 1? I did own a Bushmaster and it was a good rifle. A few of my friends own Stag rifles and they seem to be good as well. I do own two Colts and find them to be excellent guns. I guess what I’m saying is that out of the rifles you listed I would chose Colt. by CAG

Video – Bushmaster Patrolman review

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Question: I am thinking about trading out a LWRC m6a2 for a DDm4v5. What do you guys think about that swap – would that be an upgrade or downgrade? Some say that is a lateral move where as some say a slight upgrade.

Video – Is the Colt 6920 best for $1000?

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Question: How do you rate the stag arms vs colt ar-15?
For a $400 difference, Id get the Stag. I know Colts are very good guns, but IMO, you also pay for the name. I have a Stag Model 1 I got about 1.5 years ago and added all kinds of stuff to it. I have never had a single problem and Ive put around 3000 rounds through it so far. Its plenty accurate too. The fit and finish were also very nice. by Pipeline

Question: “What is the highest rated AR15 rifle in 2013?”. The Colt 6920 was voted the most popular by readers.

AR-15 Scopes
Video – EOTECH 516 Review

Check out EOTECH scopes @

Check out these side by side comparisons on the Stag Arms versus Rock River.

Check out Parts + Supplies + Magazines for the Rock River AR-15 @

Check out these side by side comparisons for the LWRC vs Colt

Check out Parts + Supplies + Magazines @

Check out this video with a LWRC select fire lower with a Daniel Defense upper (Daniel defense vs Lwrc)

How do you rate out a lwrc vs windham weaponry ar 15? Both are great weapons. Check out the video below on the Windham Weaponry.

Video – Windham Weaponry

Question from our readers.

Question: What is the best AR15 on the market 2013? It is subjective but many shooters prefer Lewis Machine. Check out this review comparison of the LWRC vs Lewis Machine and Tool AR-15

Question: what are the the top 5 highest end black rifle on the market? Daniel Defense, Lewis Machine, Windham Weaponry and Rock River Arms are considered by many to be the top of the heap.

Question: Who makes the best custom weapons? That is a hard question as there are many custom shops out there doing great work. Some say that Black Rain Ordnance makes an great exotic black rifle.

Question: Do you know of any special promo codes? I am looking for a Windham Weaponry rifle. Check out as they have ongoing deals with free shipping and coupons around holidays.

Question: What is the best value weapon in 2013? Most voters picked the Colt or Bushmaster as the best value for the money.

Question: Where can I find reviews for the Bushmaster rifle? Check out the videos and reviews above.

Question: What about the lwrc vs windham weaponry? Check out the videos above as there is great info on both weapons.

Question: most accurate ar-15 uppers? Some say that the DPMS uppers are really good right off the shelf. You can spend a ton of money on a really accurate upper.

Question: I am thinking about the S&W AR-10 – do you have any reviews? Yes; check out the video below.

Question: What is the best weapon manufacturer in 2013? That is a very subjective question as we don’t know what price range or your objective. Also the best is one that the shooter knows well and has trained with and goes boom when you pull the trigger. That said the Larue, Rock River and Windham get high remarks.

Question: My buddies and I are looking to get a set of night vision goggles or binoculars for our hog hunting camp. Do you have any good deals? Check out the ATN Night Vision gear at

Question: Are there any Navy SEALs out there using the Bushmaster rifle? Yes; I have one myself and use it often.

Question: What about a Bushmaster with night vision? That would be a sweet rig – you can check out AR-15 night vision gear here

Question: Where can I find stag arms model 7 reviews? Check out the Stag Arms model 7 video review below.

Check out the Stag Arms 28711 7″ Single Black Picatinny Rail For Diamondhead V-RS Model 3 @

Question: What is the best AR-10 in 2013? We have received great reviews for Fulton Armory and Armalite AR-10’s. If anyone has a good review or feedback please post up in comments below.

Question: What is the best ar rifle for the money 2014? Bushmaster and Colt are hard to beat as far as value for your dollar.

Question: Are diamond ar rifles any good? They are getting mixed reviews but I would just go out to a range and try one out first.

Question: What about bear creek reviews? Bear creek armory are getting good reviews in 2014 as an entry level $500 plinker.

Question: What about rock river arms or lwrc reviews? We will be posting up info on a review for both soon.

Question: anyone out there use night goggles with eotech on armalite rifle? We have posted this up to get any feedback from our readers.

Question: Who makes the best A.R. pistol? Rock River would be a good choice.

Question: What about lewis machine and tool vs dpms panther? We are working on a review for those now.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the black rain ar15 vs windham ar 15? we are working on a review now.

Question: Which do you prefer with the dpms panther arms vs rock river arms? Both are very fine weapons so flip a coin.

Question: What do you think of the Larue vs RRA? Check out reviews and comparisons of the Larue vs Rock River Arms Here

Question: Do you have any reviews for the rock river vs dpms? Yes; we are currently working on a Rock River Arms vs DPMS 2014 review and comparison.

Question: Where can I find a Colt le6920 rifle review? Check out the video review below.

Video – Colt le6920 rifle review

Question: What are the best value bushmaster AR-15 rifles? Check out this article on Bushmasters

We are currently putting together our 2014 best AR-15 uppers reviews so please post up your choices in comments below.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the rock river vs stag arms? Yes; we are working on a review for those now.

Question: What is the best plinker for the money 2014? Bushmaster is a good value for the money.

Question: Out of these top rated .223 assault rifles dpms vs. windham vs. colt, which one would you pick? Possibly the Windham.

Question: Where can I get Bear creek ar15 upgrades? CHeck out Bear Creek upgrades here

Question: Do you have any reviews for Stag arms vs Rock River? Yes; check out the video review below.

Rock River vs Larue vs Stag Arms? Some shooters say the Bushmaster is the best value for the money.

What can I do to help with rifle and gun rights in America? Check out

You decide – Vote in our poll and we will tally up and post. Top AR-15 Rifles for 2013? results posted January 1, 2014

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  1. Brett says

    I agree with Chris, LWRC M-6. However, I also like Knights Armament MOD1 for non-piston, Long range AR would be GA Precision GAP-10

  2. Eric says

    The Doublestar Corp. and Accurate Armory, both out of Kentucky, manufacture excellent weapons. I’ve trained with models from each.

  3. David W Clark says

    I have an older BM for LEO which is very good and a BCM which is much better. I would be perfectly happy with LMT, DD, LWRC, and am ESPECIALLY intrigued with the War Sport LVOA. All are top tier and if your life is at risk when you have to shoot it you can’t go wrong with any listed here with the BM being the “BM” of the bunch. Many others are top notch but it becomes a Ford or Chevy choice. Have extra upper and lower parts kits, staked bolts and BCGs, triggers, springs, and bushings, etc.
    oh, did I say plenty of target ammo and also the good stuff.

  4. Michael says

    Colt 6920 and 6920socom.Theres nothing in the ar market that can run any harder or longer.I have both and wouldnt trade either for any other ar.I did replace the barrels for the correct 14.5 inch colt barrels.No need for midlength same dwell time and recoil.

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