Navy SEAL Phil Black Enters the Shark Tank

shark tank phil black fitdeckMy SEAL Team colleague Phil Black has some very interesting news… read on.

From Phil Black, founder Fitdeck

Of all of the nerve-wracking things I’ve done in my life, pitching my business on ABC’s Shark Tank probably ranks in the Top 5. What an experience!

For those not familiar with the show, Shark Tank is a reality TV show that offers entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaire investors (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec). The entrepreneur has five minutes to convince any or all of the Sharks to invest in their business. Within 15 minutes, the Sharks must decide to invest or pass on the opportunity.

My episode airs on Friday, January 24th on ABC (9-10pm). The lead up to this experience was as intense as it gets. I put in a lot of time, self-reflection, and practice. In a word – I over-prepared. Over-preparation has served me well in the past and I was banking on its magical powers again.

I’m slammed right now with press, media interviews, etc. If you want some interesting content for your audiences, they might like to see what it was like to get selected for Shark Tank, what the lead up was like, and the day of taping. You can find 2 installments of the Shark Tank Chronicles at my blog with the 3rd installment posting tomorrow morning.

Check out Phil Black’s Fitdeck Workout cards here

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Check out the FitDeck Shark Tank workout card series HERE

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  1. Frank C says

    I have. A few of the Fitdecks and they’re unbelieveable! What a concept! Like Phil Black says, “you’ll never be bored again.” What a humble understatement. You gotta check out the Bodyweight Deck! Awesome!

  2. Corey Smith says

    This is absolutely awesome!! I watch this show every chance I get and I have heard about the FitDeck series previously. My roommates and I (one who is now a SEAL) would do this with a regular deck of cards and bodyweight exercises, but always had trouble trying to figure out dif movements/exercises we could do. THIS fitdeck series is the answer!! Best of luck to you on the show…I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow night at 9!

  3. Brandon Keating says

    Excellent idea and excecution! I look forward to getting a deck or two when I get back to the US! Dunno if it’d fit, but if you could combine fit deck and aircraft recognition or friendly/enemy hardware recognition cards…. Maybe thatd get to convoluted though eh… :)

  4. says

    This is very cool and an interesting concept. I’ll definitely have to check out the episode. It’s awesome that he was able to take it this far. I like the approach on “preparation.”

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