Tally Tango 2019: Confessions of a backwoods Florida rider

This year we are riding the 177 mile Tally Tango (north Florida) race counter clockwise. There is also some added bonus singletrack on the wild and wooly Aucilla River.

In my first Tally Tango ride in 2016 I made a ton of mistakes. I was ok with that as it was my first long endurance ride. I did not bring enough lights and batteries and paid the price as I had to ride the ANF trail and Munson-Twilight in the dark.

I would not make that mistake again so I brought extra lights and a head lamp for my helmet. I have also added a K-lite and SON generator hub to my front wheel. This should give me enough light to finish any ride through the night.

Bike – Stalwerx 29 plus custom frame
Helmet – Giro mips
Handlebar bag – Revelate
Seatbag – Revelate viscaca
Framebags – Revelate Jerry cans (two)
Headlight – K-lite with SON generator hub
Sleeping bivvy – Mountain Laurel Design

Tent – SOL emergency tube tent
Pillow – Ascend inflatable
Water filtration system – Sawyer
Purification tablets
Hydration bladder 40 oz – MSR
Extra 20 oz bottle in frame
Extra 20 oz bottle on fork
Short sleeve jersey
Arm sleeves- Buff
Socks – 511 tactical knee socks
Bike shoes – Giro terraduro
Rain wind jacket – Marmot
Neck pro – Buff (two) and a bandana
Shorts – Kuhl (no chamois)
Underwear – Icebreaker merino wool (no chamois)
Extra socks for sleep
Navigation – Etrex 30
cell phone- iPhone w/ Ride with GPS app
Tracker (Garmin SPOT)
Route description – notes on phone and printe
Lip balm
Small toothbrush
Gold bond medicated powder
Gold bond ointment Creme
Body wipes
I don’t use Chamois cream

Bike Repair Tools
Spare tube
Patch kit
Compact pump
Tire levers
Cycling multi-tool
Replacement chain links
Chain tool
Assorted nuts and bolts
General-purpose multi-tool
Duct tape and electrical tape
Zip ties
First-Aid Kit

Meals – 2 packs infinit endurance
Snacks – mixed nuts
Headlamp – Petzl tikka
Extra batteries – AA and AAA
Cache battery – Goal zero
Charging cables
Cash/credit card/ID

TNGA 2019 bike race notes

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