BlueWater Climbing Rope Reviews

You value the sturdiness and trustworthiness of the classic 10mm+ rope, but are looking to cut down on your pack weight without sacrificing quality. Look no further than the Bluewater Eliminator 10.2mm rope. Thanks to an eight-fall rating, you can stay serious about safety while departing with the unnecessary bulk of gym-sized ropes. Bottom Line: Reliable strength with enviable light weight.

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Blue Water Eliminator Rope Review

BEST, MOST DURABLE, SOFTEST CATCH. BlueWater has been ahead of the game for a long time, and you will not find a more durable, and smoother handling rope than the Eliminator. Also this is one of the softest catches on the market with a great fall rating.

Bluewater sets the bar for quality control, and every inch of every rope they produce is HAND INSPECTED. And, best of all, Bluewater is the only FAMILY OWNED, AMERICAN MADE rope company on the market, so you can feel good about where your money is going. Not only is this the best rope in the world, it’s made by good people here at home.

The world at altitude demands high quality and low weight. That Is where the Bluewater Ice Floss 7.7mm Double Dry Twin Rope comes into play. Measuring a slim 7.7mm and weighing in at only 38 grams per meter, this ice cord wont drag you back down to earth. A smooth, single-pick sheath resists catching on features as you hack your way up a frozen waterfall. Should you break loose along with a few stray chunks of ice you can rest assured knowing that an impact force rating of 9.2kN is backing you up. Bottom Line: It’s about the size of the climb in the rope.

Blue Water Ice Floss 7.7mm Double Dry Twin Rope
Best of the best. No other rope company comes close to the Bluewater’s double dry treatment, and if you are using these for ice, you will definitely appreciate this. This is not just a topical dry treatment like most companies that wears off after a couple of sessions…. this is treatment permeates the core of the rope, making for a WAY BETTER dry treatment. These ropes aren’t just for iceclimbing though, they are great for Alpine climbing when you need two ropes to get back down, or for other double rope techniques.

Best of All, Bluewater is an American Made, and family owned company, so you know that your money is going. Bluewater has the best quality control in the business, and every inch of every ropes is hand inspected before it goes out the door. Bluewater makes hands down the best ropes on the planet.

Blue Water Canyon Rope 9.2mm review
This is a great static & canyoneering rope. It has a great hand feel while on rappel and it you treat it right it will be durable for years. The 9.2mm novice/intermediate friendly because it’s more durable and better control while on rappel. The best thing about it is the orange color which shows up well in your pictures.

Enjoy unparalleled safety among the sub-10mm rope category with the BlueWater Canyon 9.2mm rope.

This rope’s 100% Technora Aramid sheath shields the rope from cuts and abrasions, and its cabled nylon core will elongate in the event of an accidental shock load. This rope’s 6400lbf tensile strength blows other similarly-sized ropes out of the water, and its diameter is friendly with all descenders and handles ascenders well even when wet.

This is a low-elongation rope and should never be used when climber is above anchor point
Bottom Line:
A rope that really, truly plays well with others.

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BlueWater Climbing Rope Review

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