Garmin Oregon 550T GPS Review

Check out the reviews for the Garmin Oregon 550T GPS and you make the best decision if this gear will work for you out in the field.

Garmin seems to be on a miniaturization kick this season; it’s a habit we’re glad they got in on. Their Forerunner 310XT is much less obtrusive than the other watches in the Forerunner series, but seems to have more features, and they’re features the multi-sport crowd will love.

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The “T” comes pre-loaded with topo maps so you don’t have to go out and buy any. Compact and light weight yet still easy to use and read in most light conditions. Batteries go a bit quicker than I’d like but I have a solar charger for that. Camera isn’t the best at only 3.2 mp, but I used to map my hikes with my cell phone and take pics with it too, and the camera on that is only 3.2, so no changes there. The cool thing is it tags the photos with the location and on top of that it is now a multi-use piece of equipment so you don’t have to carry a GPS and a camera. Finds satellites fast, comes with a caribiner to easily clip to the back of your pack. Looks to be built tough, but I haven’t tested that yet, but looks really stout. Garmin Oregon 550T GPS Review

Video – Garmin Oregon 550T GPS Review

The Garmin Oregon 550T GPS is beautiful, I take it while boating. Gives you time to next waypoint ect. Speed and much more and if you want you can capture a scene and return to it since your picture is positioned.

If you get lost while using the Garmin Oregon 550T, maybe it’s time to find another hobby. Wish you had a photographic memory? Until scientists figure out how to surgically implant more grey matter into your skull, carrying a Garmin Oregon 550T in your pocket is the next best thing.

With the Garmin Oregon 550T GPS you get to carry an extra set of eyes with a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera every photo is logged with an automatic geotag, so you always know the exact location of each photograph

Sun-friendly touchscreen navigation on a three inch diagonal screen allows you to quickly and easily negotiate surrounding topography and reconcile digital maps with geographic features.
Comes preloaded with topographic maps for the continental US and a basemap for the rest of the world install additional maps with the MicroSD expansion card slot.
Additional navigational tools include a 3-axis compass as well as a barometric altimeter, which you can also use as a tool to track weather
850 MB of built in memory allow you to archive photos, routes and waypoints for future reference
Take your Geocaching adventures to the next level by downloading GPX files directly to the Oregon 550T no more paper print outs
Share your waypoints, routes and Geocache locations wirelessly with other Oregon, Colorado and Dakota. GPS users with the push of one button
Upload data to your computer and analyze your performance data using Garmin Connect

Questions from our readers.

Question: What is the new Garmin GPS unit that is replacing the 550?
Answer: Check out the newer version Garmin 700.

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