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What’s your mantra? When the going gets tough, many of us click into dig deep mode and repeat a mantra. This does a few things, and has great results.
Why use a Mantra? Simple. When you are pushing hard it keeps your brain focused on the goal. It creates a rhythm as well allowing you to breathe and relax and put out hard.
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Here’s your challenge for the weekend. Find a workout that has some serious suck factor in it. When you start to hit that point where it gets hard. Legs start to burn. Find a Mantra and start to repeat it in your head.
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Pay attention to the rhythm and try to breathe evenly and keep pushing.
Usually a cadence that is triplets is the best like this example:
“Feeling goodlooking goodought to be in Hollywood”
Feel – ing – good. look – ing good. ought – to be in Holly wood”
This has a nice pattern especially when running.
You goal this weekend is find a good Mantra and push yourself.
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