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Mind Gym : An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence

Actually, the book was recommended by one of my former athletes, a state champion. I read hers and purchased one of my own to use for athlete motivation so I could flag and highlight in it. I bought the most recent copy to pass along to one of my current athletes who has found it very helpful; four state medals in two years. She is sharing it with one of her teammates and friends. Mind Gym book review by Nebraska Teacher of the Year.

I shared the title and some excerpts at a coaches’ clinic at which I was presenting and got good feedback from those coaches who also purchased it to use in their programs.

SGPT Reviews Mind Gym

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Mind Gym book review by Jacqueline
This book was referred to me by a friend. I started to read it a year ago but put it down because of all the sports references. I don’t follow sports and thought this book wasn’t for me. I decided to to give it another try and as I got to reading the book I couldn’t put it down. I was not only touched by the words but I understood how to apply each of the situations and quotes to my own life. I now see many things in a new light. This is an incredible book and a must read.

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