Top 10 Backpacks for the SEALFIT 20X Challenge Event

Check out this list of backpacks that have been used by athletes during the SEALFIT 20X event.

We get this question alot; “Coach, what back pack do you recommend for training and to do a SEALFIT 20X Challenge?

That is a great question, so we checked in with athletes that have finished the event.


This is the backpack that is issued at Kokoro. It is not very comfortable. It is not meant to be a luxury.

If the strap breaks you just have to deal with it. Will this backpack allow you to carry things on your back? Yes. That is all you need for Kokoro camp.

Mark Clingen used this same backpack to complete a recent 20X Challenge in Canada. You can read an interview here.


This backpack was used by Brian Hicks as he finished the SEALFIT 20X Challenge in Encinitas, California.
You can read more about Brian’s training for the event here:
Etienne: I used an Arc’teryx Altra 65 Backpack for training. I then switched to a smaller pack for the actual event.

Read more about Etienne’s training here:

#8 Cilo Gear 45L WorkSack

Pierre Descotaux: I used a Cilo Gear 45L WorkSack

Read more about Pierre’s training here:

#7 511 Tactical Rush

#6 Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Backpack

#5 Condor 3 day Assault Pack
22 liters (1362 cu in)

#3 TruSpec 3 day Pack

Worn by Paul Reddick

This backpack was worn by Tata Figuero during her SEALFIT 20X Challenge in Puerto Rico.

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