Optimum Nutrition ZMA reviews

Optimum Nutrition ZMA review by Lewis:
About a year ago I started learning a lot about natural testosterone boosters. ZMA kept popping up during my research as being a natural and affordable option for supporting and optimizing test levels, as well as aiding in muscle recovery.

The first thing I noticed when taking Optimum Nutrition ZMA was an increase in the quality and deepness of my sleep. Since rest is a critical aspect of repairing and building muscle tissue, I chalked this up as a positive. As far as raising test levels, I will also rate this highly although keep in mind I was stacking this with another testosterone boosting supplement -PureTEST: All Natural Testosterone Booster for Maximum Results. I cycled them for 10 weeks and literally experienced the best gains of my lifting career.

Video – What is ZMA?

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…more Optimum Nutrition ZMA review by Lewis:
If you train intense, you have to take Optimum Nutrition ZMA before bed. It makes you sleep much deeper, helps you produce more testosterone, and wake up fresher and more recovered. The zinc asparate is easily absorbed. Word of advice: don’t mix or take with calcium because it blocks zinc absorption. Yes that means milk in your protein shake essentially will not be as beneficial for your testosterone as no milk with your protein.

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