Rocky C4T vs Under Armour Valsetz review

Check out the comparisons and reviews for the Rocky C4T vs Under Armour Valsetz boots and you make the decision which one to try out.


The Rocky C4T and Under Armour Valsetz boots both feature a modern and tactical design suitable for various outdoor activities. The Rocky C4T has a lightweight construction with a combination of leather and nylon, providing durability and flexibility. It features a lace-up closure system and a low-profile design, making it comfortable and easy to maneuver in.

The Under Armour Valsetz boots offer a similar modern design with synthetic leather and textile uppers. They have a sleek and streamlined appearance with a lace-up closure. The Valsetz boots also feature a lightweight construction, allowing for agility and ease of movement.


In terms of performance, both the Rocky C4T and Under Armour Valsetz boots excel in different areas. The C4T is known for its superb traction and stability, thanks to its aggressive rubber outsole. It provides excellent grip on various terrains, making it ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures. The C4T is also water-resistant, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions.

The Under Armour Valsetz boots focus on comfort and versatility. They feature a lightweight and flexible design, making them suitable for activities that require agility and quick movements. The Valsetz boots also offer good traction with their rubber outsole, but they may not perform as well on extremely rugged terrain compared to the C4T.


Comfort is a vital aspect when it comes to footwear, especially during long hours of use. The Rocky C4T offers excellent comfort with its cushioned EVA midsole and padded collar. The removable Rocky Air-Port insole provides shock absorption and breathability, enhancing overall comfort. Additionally, the C4T has a moisture-wicking lining that helps keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The Under Armour Valsetz boots prioritize comfort as well. They feature a lightweight and responsive Micro G foam midsole that offers excellent cushioning and support. The boots also have a padded collar and tongue, contributing to a comfortable fit. However, some users have noted that the Valsetz boots may require a break-in period before reaching maximum comfort.


Durability is a critical factor in boot selection, particularly for outdoor activities. The Rocky C4T is built to withstand rugged conditions, thanks to its durable leather and nylon construction. The stitching and reinforcements ensure long-lasting performance, making it a reliable option for heavy-duty use.

Similarly, the Under Armour Valsetz boots are designed for durability. The synthetic leather and textile uppers are resistant to abrasions and wear. The Valsetz boots also feature a durable rubber outsole that provides good traction and grip. However, some users have reported occasional issues with the durability of the Valsetz boots, particularly with the sole separating from the upper over time.

Rocky C4T Boot Review

These are close to the ultimate lightweight Army boots. For the POG REMF Fobbit in ACUs, they’re tough to beat. The Rockys weight about the same as a pair of New Balance Army running shoes, and might even be more comfortable. Why these boots are named after the standard military explosive compound C4 is a mystery, but they won’t blow up your feet like a set of heavy leather Danners or Bellevilles will.

The Rocky C4T boots have a nice wide, soft rubber sole that is perfect for patrolling the linoleum hallways of any 2-Star command… the soles are very quiet, so nobody will hear you when you’re sneaking out of the building and heading home at 1400 to catch the game… also good for coming up quietly behind the 1SG and getting him to spill his coffee. I bought the Wide size, and after serving in 5 Infantry Battalions, there’s enough room for the orthotics to keep my broken feet relatively happy throughout the duty day.

The wide, flat, soft sole is great for the open hallways and drill hall floors of the Armorys of America, but you wouldn’t want to use them off-road… besides getting your boots dirty (and straying from air conditioning) the soles don’t offer much traction for outdoor activities. The uppers are lightweight nylon with a couple of reinforcing straps, but don’t expect much ankle support… these boots are made for cubicles, not strenuous activities.

Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot Review

I bought these boots and have worn them for about a week. I will never buy another brand of boot. The Under Armour UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots fit my feet perfect.

In my opinion they feel no different than a pair of cross trainers or running shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of boots I have owned. I am sold!

This boot is both durable and rugged enough to put up with all terrains, but light enough for speed and maneuverability. This boot was designed as a running-shoe-tactical-boot hybrid. What you get is a boot we are proud to get positive feedback about…from the streets of Chicago to the hills of Afghanistan.

The Under Armour Valsetz boots are lightweight and have a water-resistant mesh upper which remains durable and breathable. Without a doubt this is the best most comfortable boot I have ever worn. I bought 2 pairs and highly recommend these boots to my co – workers. Keep up the great work!!!!

These boots are fully contoured with a compression-molded EVA midsole cushions your foot, without adding excess weight. The boot uses ArmourGuide® which ensures efficient foot-strike guidance from impact to propulsion. It also uses ArmourBound® delivers superior, responsive cushioning. ArmourLastic® absorbs shock at critical impact zones in the heel and forefoot for maximum protection. The boot has a molded Ortholite® sockliner cushions your foot. Rubber outsole is engineered to grip on- and off-road. Textured, high-abrasion rubber toe rand protects your foot
Speed-lacing shanks on the upper, for easy on/off without sacrificing a secure fit. Height: 7 inches.


Both the Rocky C4T and Under Armour Valsetz boots offer commendable features for outdoor enthusiasts. The C4T excels in traction, stability, and durability, making it a reliable choice for challenging terrains. On the other hand, the Valsetz boots prioritize comfort, agility, and versatility, making them suitable for a range of activities.

Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between these boots. If you prioritize traction and durability for rugged terrain, the Rocky C4T is a solid option. If comfort and versatility are your main concerns, the Under Armour Valsetz boots offer a lightweight and responsive design.

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