Rocky S2V vs Danner TFX boots

Check out the comparison and reviews for the Rocky S2V vs Danner TFX boots and you decide which one is best.

Rocky S2V and Danner TFX are both popular boots designed for rugged outdoor activities, but they have some key differences.

In terms of construction, the Rocky S2V has a full-grain leather upper with a Cordura nylon shaft, while the Danner TFX features a combination of leather and fabric materials. The S2V also has a triple-stitched toe cap for added durability, whereas the TFX has a molded rubber toe cap.

In terms of support and comfort, both boots feature a sturdy and supportive midsole, but the Rocky S2V boot has a more aggressive outsole with a Vibram sole, designed to provide maximum traction on a variety of terrains. The Danner TFX, on the other hand, features a more flexible and lightweight outsole, which may be more suitable for those who require faster and more agile movements.

Another important difference is the price point, with the Danner TFX being generally more expensive than the Rocky S2V.

Rocky S2V Review

I am an active duty U.S. Army service member. Having used numerous types of boots from the ever popular Danners, to the less commonly seen Nikes. Having a good set of boots is a top priority for all service members. Being able to ruck march for long periods of time with large amounts of weight is an essential ability in my line of work.

Of all the boots I have owned, the Rocky S2v Boot have really set the standard in terms of comfort, durability, breathability, and grip. From Germany to Camp McKall special forces selection assesment training, to overseas these boots have held up through every condition.

Danner Rivot TFX Hot Military Boot Review

I am using this boot for training up for and going through ranger school. To start off, i put warm as a con because i live in the pacific northwest, my feet were super warm in this boot and I am concerned about going down to Georgia in the summer. That being said, the pro’s of this boot outweigh however hot my feet have gotten, so far.

I have tried many boots, and am writing this review so that readers can get a good idea of what the Danner Desert TFX G3 Boot is all about. I have used/own the following boots: issue Alama’s, issue Bates, Danner Desert Acadia’s, Danner Roughout TFX, Garmont T-8, Nike SFB, Lowa Desert Elite, Lowa Uplander Desert, OTB 8″ Bushmaster, and the Rocky S2V’s. I also don’t just walk around the street or go to the range and get them muddy. I’ve done climbs of over 6000 vertical feet in rough terrain, including snow, ice, mud, scree, rock, dirt, etc.


Overall, both boots are well-regarded for their quality and performance, but the choice between the two may come down to personal preferences and specific needs in terms of terrain, support, and budget.
Questions from our readers:

Question: Which boot do you prefer with the Rocky 104L vs Bates tactical boots? I would look first at which boot fits your foot best and then go from there.

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