Under Armour Speed Freek vs Danner ICH

Review and Comparison: Under Armour Speed Freek vs. Danner ICH Boots

When it comes to rugged, high-performance footwear for outdoor activities and demanding conditions, the Under Armour Speed Freek and Danner ICH boots are two popular choices. This review and comparison will help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Under Armour Speed Freek:


  1. Material:

Upper: Synthetic and textile
Outsole: Rubber

  1. Weight: Approximately 18.6 oz per boot (528 grams)

  2. Waterproofing: UA Storm waterproof membrane

  3. Design:

Style: Tactical hiking boot
Cushioning: EVA midsole for shock absorption
Protection: Reinforced toe cap for added durability
Lacing System: Traditional laces
Collar: Padded for comfort
Outsole: Aggressive tread pattern for superior traction

  1. Fit and Comfort:

The Speed Freek offers a comfortable and true-to-size fit. The padded collar and EVA midsole provide good cushioning for long hikes.

  1. Performance:

These boots are ideal for hiking, hunting, and tactical applications. They offer decent waterproofing and excellent traction on various terrains.

The Danner ICH boots are no longer made but a similar boot that we recommend is the Danner Sharptail.

Danner ICH Boots (Infiltrator Combat Hiker):


  1. Material:

Upper: Leather and textile
Outsole: Vibram outsole

  1. Weight: Approximately 45 oz per boot (1276 grams)

  2. Waterproofing: Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane

  3. Design:

Style: Tactical combat hiker
Cushioning: Vibram SPE midsole for superior shock absorption
Protection: Reinforced toe cap for durability
Lacing System: Speed lacing system
Collar: Padded for comfort
Outsole: Vibram outsole for exceptional grip

  1. Fit and Comfort:

The Danner ICH boots offer a secure and comfortable fit, designed for long periods of wear. The padded collar and Vibram SPE midsole ensure excellent cushioning and support.

  1. Performance:

These boots are designed for tactical use and excel in durability, support, and all-weather performance. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures top-tier waterproofing, and the Vibram outsole provides reliable traction.



Both boots offer waterproofing, but the Danner ICH boots have the edge with the Gore-Tex membrane, which is known for its exceptional waterproof and breathable qualities. The UA Speed Freek, while still providing good protection, may not be as breathable as the Gore-Tex.


The Under Armour Speed Freek is significantly lighter than the Danner ICH boots. If you prioritize lightweight footwear for hiking, the Speed Freek is the better choice.

Intended Use:

The Speed Freek leans more towards a hiking and outdoor recreational boot, whereas the Danner ICH boots are geared towards tactical and combat applications. The Danner boots are built for rugged military and law enforcement needs.


The Vibram outsole in the Danner ICH boots is known for its exceptional grip and durability. The Speed Freek offers good traction but may not be as robust in challenging terrains.

Cushioning and Comfort:

Both boots provide excellent cushioning, but the Danner ICH boots, with their Vibram SPE midsole, offer superior shock absorption, making them suitable for long periods of wear.

Lacing System:

The Danner ICH boots feature a speed lacing system for quick and easy adjustments, while the UA Speed Freek uses traditional laces, which may be preferred by some for a snug fit.

Under Armour Speed Freek Hunting Boots Review

These boots have that broken in feel right out of the box. Keep my feet cool and comfortable when roaming the hills while scouting for big game or shed hunting. The traction is very nice when walking on all types of terrain.
I am seconds away from purchasing my second pair. The first pair has finally lost its waterproof after a year. However, I love these boots. I’m on the go in the city, and transition through all different situations and terrains.

Under Armour Speed Freek Hunting Boots Review – THE FUNDAMENTALS
GORE-TEX® lining is 100% waterproof but still allows sweat to escape, keeping your feet dry as the hunt heats up
Lightweight, waterproof pigskin leather overlays add protection and durability
Push-through protection outsole protects your foot from hazards in rough terrain, without sacrificing flexibility
High-abrasion TPU toe cap gives extra durability and protection to the front of the boots
Durable EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning and shock absorption, protecting your foot in any terrain
Molded Ortholite® footbed is designed with a memory foam top and high-rebound foam bottom, for a customized, comfort fit
ETC® Anti-Friction Lining prevents rubbing on the foot, as well as wicking moisture to keep you dry and comfortable
Speed lacing shanks on the upper, for easy on/off without sacrificing a secure fit (Black colorway is designed to meet tactical/law enforcement requirements and does not feature lacing shanks)
Weight: 20 oz. Height: 7″

Danner ICH boots review

The Danner 7 inch ICH Boots are weather tough and built for the long trek. These boots have been used on the battlefield, key reinforcements make all the difference. The same principle holds in bootmaking. Here Danner bolsters the Danner ICH heel and ankle so you can stand your ground under any circumstances.

I replaced my shredded military boots and again these were the best boots I have worn in and out of combat. These Danner boots as well as my models are tops for my feet. With no break in required they were set to go hunting and hiking from the box. The ability to walk on rocks, sand and gravel cannot be beaten by any other boot I have worn.

The ankle is completely supported and traction is like a mountain goat. I can not see any real difference between the tan and olive colors. The uppers will not cause blisters from tight lacings. I did use an insole as my feet are very flat-something that a career in Special Operations did not cause! I have been wearing these daily since their arrival. The Dannner Crater Rim boots are nearly the same boot but are about a half inch shorter. Both run true to size on me. My size 12 did not have to be ordered smaller or larger to use thick socks. I had sore feet due to the rainy weather and I began to wear these boots and my feet felt supported and rested at the end of the day.

If your going to get the Danner boots you will need to get a great pair of socks to go with them. We prefer the Smartwool Men’s Hiking Medium Crew Sock. These socks will last a long time and provide great support to prevent blisters and wick away excess sweat.


Choosing between the Under Armour Speed Freek and Danner ICH boots depends on your specific needs. If you require a lightweight, waterproof hiking boot with decent traction, the Speed Freek is an excellent choice.

However, if you need a heavy-duty, waterproof tactical boot with superior durability, comfort, and support, the Danner ICH boots are the way to go. Consider the intended use, terrain, and the level of protection you need when making your decision.

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