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10 Tips to Break Through Training Plateaus

It happens to every athlete. You’re breaking personal record after personal record in the gym and then you get in a rut and are stuck at the same spot and can’t make improvements. What do you need to do to break through a training plateau? Here are a few ideas to help you off that table... Read More

SEALFIT Kokoro Yoga Workout

Check out this SEALFIT yoga session with Catherine Divine at SEALFIT HQ The goal of this session is to help you recover while calming your mind and body. Check out more info about Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior–the SEALfit Way We believe this session will really help... Read More

Protected: SEAL grinder PT 1-2-11

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.... Read More

Protected: SGPT Sunshine workout

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FitDeck Card Workouts for Special Forces Athletes

To get in shape for Special Forces training you need to put your body through a variety of workouts including weights but especially body weight exercises and running/sprinting. I came across the Fitdeck workout cards when I was out training at SEALFit in Encinitas, California.  I met the founder of FitDeck Workout and saw why... Read More

Increase your Pushups

Unlocking Your Potential: A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Your Push-Ups Push-ups are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for building upper body strength and endurance. Whether you’re aiming to increase your fitness level, meet military requirements, or simply enhance your physique, mastering the push-up is a valuable skill. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore... Read More
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SGPT Interview (Part 1)- Hell Week PT

HellWeek PT – the name does not exactly conjure up rose gardens and chocolate frosted cupcakes does it?  For many it may be just that – a living “Hell”.  For others a gift of temporary pain to push their mental and physical boundaries to the next level.  Join SEALgrinderPT as we interview Seán Ó Cearrúlláin (pronounced O Karr-a-lawn)... Read More
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