FitDeck Card Workouts for Special Forces Athletes

To get in shape for Special Forces training you need to put your body through a variety of workouts including weights but especially body weight exercises and running/sprinting.

FitDeck Card Workouts for Special Forces Athletes

I came across the Fitdeck workout cards when I was out training at SEALFit in Encinitas, California.  I met the founder of FitDeck Workout and saw why these cards were so kick ass.  Phil Black is a 6 ft 4 inches and can run like a cheetah and blast PT workouts with the best of them.

I was impressed and listened as Phil told me more about the FitDeck card workouts and how easy and fun they are to get going.  I was all set to give the Fitdeck Workout cards a review and let you know what I think.

Here are a couple of examples of how a Special Forces athlete can use the FitDeck cards for a killer easy Fitdeck workout with no gear or equipment.

FitDeck Workout Cards for Navy SEAL candidates (Bodyweight, Navy SEAL, Combat Sports, Stairs)

  • Monster Mash – place the following FitDecks and Boosters on the ground: Bodyweight, Navy SEAL, Stairs, Pull Up, and Combat Sports. Pull one card from each deck for 60 minutes straight.
  • Bodyweight + Stairs – perform a FitDeck Bodyweight card in between each flight of stairs.
  • Timed Evolution – see how long it takes you to complete the entire FitDeck Bodyweight cards on the advanced level. Try to beat your time the next day.

Military (FitDeck Bodyweight, Navy SEAL, Combat Sports)

  • FitDeck workout card face off – challenge a buddy to go ‘card-for-card’ with you. Shuffle the deck. You will then select your buddy’s card and he/she will select your card. Who will be the first to fail to complete the assigned number of repetitions on their card?
  • Circle up – assemble participants into a circle. Pass the FitDeck workout cards around and have each person pick a card and lead the group in the selected exercise.
  • Group leader – line up in ranks facing the leader. The leader then shuffles the deck, selects the cards, and leads the formation in physical training.
  • 52-Card Pickup – Someone chooses “face up” or “face down”. Throw the entire deck in the air and let the cards float to the ground. The group performs all the “face up” or “face down” cards depending what the person called. This usually translates into 30 – 35 cards.
  • Monster Mash – dedicate one morning a month to FitDeck and attempt to finish the whole deck in one PT session. Participants may perform exercises at different fitness levels (i.e. beg, int, adv).

Flexibility (Stretch, Yoga, Pilates)

  • 30 for 30 – begin your workout with a nice 30-minute warm up routine to ensure your body is sufficiently warm – then perform 30 cards from the FitDeck Stretch.
  • YogaStretch – Combine FitDeck Stretch and FitDeck Yoga cards.

On-the-road (FitDeck Travel, Bodyweight)

  • Every 30 minutes – while on an extended airplane flight, pull out one FitDeck Travel card every 30 minutes to loosen up and increase blood flow.
  • Mid-flight – perform all 20 FitDeck Travel exercises and stretches at the midpoint of your flight.
  • Nature Calls – perform 5 FitDeck Travel cards before and after every bathroom break
  • Beg-Int-Adv – when you arrive at your hotel, use FitDeck Bodyweight and perform the 1st card as a beginner, the 2nd card as an intermediate, and the 3rd card as an advanced.
  • Basic draw – while in your hotel room, simply select the number of FitDeck Bodyweight cards you would like to play and perform a new card every 60 seconds (60 seconds includes rest).
  • One color workout – focus your FitDeck Bodyweight workout on a specific color (upper, middle, lower, or full)

As a former Navy SEAL, I would give the Fitdeck workout cards a high review.  I know that you will enjoy them also.

Questions from our readers.

Question: What is a good PT workout with a deck of cards? Check out the workouts above as you can get a burly workout quick with a deck of cards and getting pushed by your buddy.

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